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Lots of things are happening online, and there are so many updates coming up every week from the world of internet marketing. At TechWyse, we're here to tell you everything about these useful updates and news that could help you grow your business!

Internet marketing is not easy to stay on top of if you're not updated regularly. So, in this blog, we've compiled 5 of the most relevant updates from this week for you.

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Facebook Removes the 20% Text Limit on Ad Images

Facebook Removes the 20% Text Limit on Ad Images

Facebook has completely abandoned the 20% text rule!

Many media buyers on the platform were surprised at the big change as they observed their images were no longer being disapproved for having a lot of text.

Buyers received direct communication from Facebook this week regarding the change.

Facebook Removes the 20% Text Limit on Ad Images

So what is the "20% Rule"?

The initial purpose of this tool was to decrease the noisiness in the Facebook News Feed. Before the multiple ad units and media options that now exist, the feed was mostly text and images. So, adding more text had the potential to make it more cluttered.

As the platform evolved, Facebook started rolling out new ad types that were far more ostentatious. Now, the text in an image is no longer a distraction.

Initially, ads would not work if an advertiser was found violating the rule. But, Facebook eventually released the Text Overlay Tool, which allowed them to upload the image they wanted to run. However, advertisers are still encouraged to reduce the amount of text with images. This is because it was found that images with less than 20% text usually perform better.

Instagram Launches New Reels Updates, Including Longer Clips and Improved Trimming

Instagram Reels

Instagram recently released its Tik-Tok-cloning 'Reels' feature. But in such a short amount of time since their launch, they're already making tweaks.

After a few early reviews of the feature that criticized its design, Instagram said it's responding to user feedback. They're doing so by giving users the ability to produce longer videos, extending the timer, and editing features to trim and delete clips easier.

As we know, TikTok users were limited to 15-seconds initially, but then later the app allowed videos up to a minute in length, which got popular. Instagram, however, isn't giving them the full one minute.

Instead, it's giving the ability to create a Reel up to 30 seconds. This could allow users to generate original content for Reels, instead of reposting their longer TikTok videos on Instagram. Read to find out more about the update!

COVID-19 & Changing Consumer Behaviour: What Businesses Need to Know

how is COVID-19 changing customer behaviour?

It's not easy when it comes to adopting to the digital times during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses and people were forced to innovate and work remotely. With that came new customer behaviour and demands to meet, of which a lot will remain post-pandemic.

With the changing consumer behaviour, it is essential to shift your strategies to meet demand. Businesses must hustle and innovate if they want to stay on top.

If you have a business that has not yet made a shift to digital or is uncertain whether it is the right option, keep reading this article!. It will help you discover how COVID-19 has changed the customer behaviour and ways your business can make adjustments to adapt to them.

Google Local Ads Gain Smart Bidding for Store Sales, 'Pick-up Later,' Service Attributes

Google Local Ads

Google is making so many efforts to support local businesses as they cope with the changing consumer behaviour.

Google is trying to build a strong bridge between the digital and physical worlds by introducing its new shopping feature last week. This update is meant to help consumers find local in-store inventory.

This week, Google is bringing in some more enhancements for local ads, including:

Attributes for local campaigns- Many local business attributes are referred to as service attributes by Google and are available in GMB. The new ad attribute-like curbside pick-up will help consumers to make buying decisions easier. It will also boost the visibility of local campaign ads.

LIAs: Pick-up later- Google is adding a "pick-up later" badge to promote products that may not be available in-store now, but will be available soon for pick-up. The feature will be managed via rules established for local inventory feeds in the Google Merchant Center. So, retailers ought to get their logic right, especially before the holidays!

Smart Bidding for store sales- Although Smart Bidding has been around for quite some time now, Google is extending that idea to in-store transactions with Smart Bidding for Store. This will automatically optimize the actual sales in stores.

To learn more about these features, read the entire article!

Mailchimp Brings AI to the SMB Market

MailChimp AI for SMB marketing

Mailchimp has announced its Smart Platform is explicitly aimed at small businesses. This will feature enhancements that will reflect an investment in data science and AI.

Some new tools are included based on customer performance data, global industry trends, and the unique customer journey builder.

As we all might think, small businesses mean small amounts of data and low marketing sophistication, but now many businesses have evolved as digital natives.

Most of the small businesses are now run digitally, generating tons of data. Mailchimp's offering will help small businesses to improve their user experience and manage the customer journey.

Mailchimp is integrating with eCommerce solutions like Shopify and Magneto, as well as website tools like WordPress. To learn more about the update, read on!

Wrapping up!

Internet marketing is regularly evolving, and so must businesses digitally. That is precisely why we provide you with our weekly updates from the world of internet marketing!

From looking at Facebook removing its 20% rule to seeing early tweaks to Instagram Reels update, a lot is happening. We came across an informative article from one of our blogs to help businesses cope with the changing customer behaviours during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also saw some new enhancements that Google is announcing for Local ads. Finally, we could see the efforts Mailchimp is taking to help small businesses manage their data online with their AI integration.

Tune into our blogs for more useful updates and news from the world of internet marketing!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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