This Month: International Women’s Day, Coke’s “Masterpiece” Campaign, and More!

This Month: International Women’s Day Ads, Coke’s “Masterpiece” Campaign, and More!

Spring has sprung!

Now that the snow and ice have melted, we can finally get excited about springtime. That means more sunshine, blooming flowers, chirping birds, and outdoor patio season. Aside from the change in weather, this month had some exciting events, notably International Women’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and the 95th Academy Awards–did we miss anything?

We know that March felt like a complete blur. You might even have a hard time recalling everything you did this month. But if one thing is for sure, it’s that the marketing world wasn’t at a standstill. That being said, many interesting updates and campaigns took place, and we’re here to fill you in on all the details so that you don’t get left behind.

Without further ado, we have put together five highlights we think you should know about. From International Women’s Day ads to Coke’s “Masterpiece” campaign, here’s what happened this month in marketing.

The Ultimate Marketing Guide for International Women’s Day

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As we all know, International Women’s Day honours women for their achievements and raises awareness of equality and the importance of creating a positive change. But what does that have anything to do with marketing?

In their blog, Social Book talks about the significance of International Women’s Day and shares an eye-opening point: women are the main customer group of many brands. In fact, more than 90% of young women shop online for at least one hour a day. More than 80% of women say they will continue to follow their favourite brands. Lastly, 81% of millennial women say that "social media" is the best way to communicate with brands. Without a doubt, women definitely play an influential role as consumers in today’s world.

It’s crucial for brands to demonstrate inclusivity and advocate for equality, and one of the best ways to do this is through their marketing efforts. This month, many brands took the initiative to kickstart International Women’s Day campaigns. Purelei, Reebok, and CPB London showed the best marketing practices that help advocate for equality. You can see them for yourself here.  

The Social Book also includes some marketing ideas you can implement for your next International Women’s Day campaign. Take a look at some of the tips below:

  1. Establish user awareness of the brand, track potential user groups, and explore consumer motivations.
  2. Find Influencers who match the brand's tone, and use their influence to further promote the brand with freshness and novelty.
  3. Encourage users to add tags and share product content, leverage the power of Influencers, actively answer potential consumer questions, engage in two-way communication, and increase the number of fans and the degree of fan stickiness from small communities to large communities.
  4. Email marketing can be an effective way to reach your customers and increase sales. One of the benefits of email marketing is the ability to segment your customer base and send tailored messages based on their interests. 

To learn more about how you can make the most of your International Women’s Day campaign next year, read the blog here.

6 PPC Strategies To Focus On Now

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If you’re a casual Internet browser (like most of us) who often roams Google searching for answers, chances are you came across PPC advertising. 

PPC, also known as Pay-Per-Click, is a form of advertising that requires you to pay every time your ad is clicked. How does this work? If an online user enters relevant keywords or phrases, your website is displayed on a search engine result page (SERP). This means the SERP will show your ad to direct visitors to your site, and your fee is based on whether people click on it.

PPC advertising can allow you to reap many benefits for your business. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also provides instant traffic, generates great-quality leads, increases your ROI–and the list goes on. But what happens if you have followed the necessary steps but aren’t seeing any results in your PPC advertising?

In their blog, the Search Engine Journal covers some of the PPC areas you should focus on in your next campaign. Since it has many components, PPC is always changing, along with the latest technologies, feature enhancements and tactical tips.

Whether you’re interested in optimizations that will refresh your current strategy or want new ways to target your audience, these PPC areas are worth exploring. Take a look at them below:

  1. Conversion Actions
  2. PPC Ads And GA4
  3. Man Your Automation
  4. Video Ads

For further details about improving your PPC strategy, click the link here

Coke brings world-renowned art to life in ‘Masterpiece’ push

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Nowadays, big-name brands are pushing the envelope to display powerful, riveting marketing campaigns and multi-billion dollar company Coca-Cola is no exception. 

In their recent blog, the Marketing Dive shares how Coca-Cola got creative and used talented artwork to propel its marketing efforts, painting uplifting moments guaranteed to inspire. 

This year, Coca-Cola launched a new global campaign, “Masterpiece,” and displayed classic and contemporary art to highlight diverse creators. Their video showcases a series of paintings from both world-renowned artists and emerging creators alike. “‘Masterpiece’ is not a story in which Coke appears… Coke is the story,” said Pratik Thakar, global head of creative strategy and integrated content for Coca‑Cola.

Coke also launched an immersive online gallery where consumers can enjoy the short film and explore over a dozen pieces of artwork featured in the video. They can even watch interviews with the five up-and-coming creators whose art was showcased, including Wonderbuhle, Aket, Fatma Ramadan, Stefania Tejada and Vikram Kushwah. Additional assets, like a series of digital collectibles, can be accessed as well.

Coca-Cola’s marketing efforts are clearly working in their favour as the company saw its revenue grow 7% to $10.1 billion in the fourth quarter and their full-year revenue for 2022 grew by 11%.

If you want to learn more about how Coca-Cola’s recent campaign became a big success, read the blog here.

Marketing Content to Gen Z? You Better Play by Their Rules

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As soon as we turn on our phones, we are almost instantly bombarded with advertisements. They flash across our screens, promoting everything, from the latest gadgets and luxury makeup products to tantalizing fragrances and trendy clothes. 

Many of these brands target a digitally savvy, empowered generation–Gen Z. Given the fact that they see several brands being shown on their devices, it makes it easier to lose sight of certain ones. The market is becoming increasingly competitive and business owners need to step up and find a way to stand out. 

If you want to appeal to Gen Z, you need to re-evaluate your company’s content marketing strategy. Without the right content, you won’t be able to keep your audience interested enough to read your latest blog or hit the shopping cart button on your website.

To make your Gen Z audience notice your brand and stay hungry for more, you need to prove your worth. The first step you have to take towards that is understanding how they think. What do you want to show? What are the values that imbibe the Gen Z mindset? How can you use them to convey a message that truly resonates with them? These are some questions you need to ask yourself first.

In their blog, the Content Marketing Institute includes some helpful tips and tricks that you can use to update your content strategy. Not only are they super straightforward and easy to implement, but they are sure to help you turn some heads. See for yourself below:

  1. Understand and incorporate their perspectives
  2. Communicate empathetically and act intentionally
  3. Feed their love of video storytelling
  4. Consider visual formats other than video

Click the link here to devise a new and improved content marketing plan that will impress your GenZ audience. 

Brex Offers ChatGPT-style Tools

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Recently, ChatGPT has been on everyone’s mind and we can’t blame them.

The OpenAI tool has brought forth many advantages for marketers and business owners alike. To name a few, it helps brands improve customer engagement, automates repetitive tasks, generates high-quality content, personalizes customer interaction and so forth.

But did you know a similar tool is currently being used in the financial industry?

Finance tech startup, Brex, is known for providing corporate expense management tools. The startup recently revealed that it’s launching new CFO tools powered by technology from OpenAI–the same provider of the ChatGPT service.

We can expect the new features to provide insights into corporate spending and answer critical business questions in real time. It will also use the same machine learning and natural language processing technology that helped create ChatGPT.

The new tools will be made available later in 2023 through Brex’s Empower platform.

For more details about how this ChatGPT-style tool will be shaking up the finance tech industry, check out the blog here.

Wrap Up

This blog went over how to maximize your marketing efforts for International Women's Day.

Then we went over the different PPC areas you should consider exploring to see better results in your advertising.

Next, we learned about Coke's "Masterpiece" campaign and the techniques the brand used to create an outstanding marketing strategy.

After that, we discussed the steps you could take to optimize your content marketing strategy, specifically for a Gen Z audience.

Finally, we went over a Chat-GPT style tool that is expected to make waves in the finance tech realm.

Any questions, comments, or concerns? We’d love to hear your feedback! 

We’ll be back next month with five new articles for you. In the meantime, if you’re looking to learn more, please check out our existing blogs that cover various digital marketing topics!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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