Search Engine Market Share June 2012

Search Engine Market Share June 2012

Google Tries To Catch Up With 2011

Google continues to update in order to dominate, if Google steps off the radar for a moment Yahoo! and Bing will be right there to pick up their slack while Baidu’s inconsistency has left some room for the other search engines to gain back market share this month. Statistics provided by Net Market Share.

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Google’s Still Up but Down From Last Year

Up almost 1% from last month, Google is gaining back some lost share dominance from early in the year. Possibly Google’s new search feature the Knowledge Graph will boost them back to last year’s standings.

Yahoo! We Have a New CEO

Yahoo! is still the second highest market share next to Google; however, will Yahoo!’s new CEO Marissa Mayer (former Google executive) change their algorithm for the best? Keep your eyes on Yahoo!

Bing’s Almost Hits 5%

Slowly but surely, Bing is consistently increasing its shares. Currently at 4.81%, it is quite possible to see Bing owning 5% of shares by next month.

Baidu Takes Another Plummet

The leading chinese search engine Baidu continues to play snakes and ladders on the market share board. With 4.44% of shares, Baidu hits its lowest rank for the past 5 months.

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    Wow, I had no idea that Google held some much of the search engine market. I know is the most visited site on the Internet but I had no idea just how far ahead Google was. I never even heard of Baidu. I suppose all of the other search engines under Baidu must not hold much of the share at all. Its hard to believe any of the other search engines will get anywhere near Google but we have seen it happen in other industries. It will be fun to watch. Thanks for the info. I’m sure you’ll keep us up to date.

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    It might be potentially quite sad how much time I can spend staring at this little table and musing on the results haha, but it does remain a fascinating competiton over the market.
    I wonder if anyone will ever realistically unseat Google, even if takes many years to chip away at their monopoly. It’s possible that Google’s popularity will wax and wayne slightly, but surely the chances of people ever saying ‘Yeah, I’ll just bing it and find out’ are actually quite slim.
    It’ll be interesting to see the impact of Yahoo’s new CEO on these figures in the coming month, partly to see how effective a former Google employee can compete with their former boss and party to see the PR related impact of a pregnant woman taking over (there’s no denying it’s been the subject of a PR campaign after all).

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      Vanessa Copeland 


      I agree with you! I’m excited to see what new changes Yahoo! will undergo with their new CEO! Check back next month and find out if Yahoo!’s market share rises or drops.

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