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Happy Tuesday!

We're back with some more updates from the world of digital marketing to help you stay on top of your marketing game!

This week, we'll focus on some essential updates we've found. We'll start with YouTube allowing their creators to go beyond with new channel customization options. Then, we'll see Facebook integrating Messenger for businesses. As well, we'll look at the four things we learned about automated bidding during the pandemic. 

We'll also see an article on how to rebrand our brands. Finally, let's take a peek at Pinterest's new update that will allow customers to shop with their cameras!

Let's dive right in!

YouTube to Let Creators Customize the Look & Feel of Their Channels

YouTube to Let Creators Customize the Look & Feel of Their Channels

YouTube has decided to give creators the ability to customize the look and feel of their layout and branding! 

This new update will allow creators to change the look and feel of their channel by customizing the layout, branding, and more. This is the first time YouTube is giving its creators control over their own channels. Representatives from YouTube previewed the update in the latest Creator Insider news flash video, and explained how YouTube Studio would be the creator's one-stop destination for all their channel editing.

The company also goes on to talk about taking a mobile-first approach to channel customization. YouTube also highlighted a feature called Creator Mixes, which you can find in the "up next" suggestions that appear when a user is watching a video. It's an opportunity for creators to "have the algorithm work for them."

Get more information on Creator Mixes, channel customization, and other updates for YouTube creators in the video below!

Businesses on Facebook Can Now Respond to Customers in Messenger


Facebook is coming up with a new inbox on Messenger! This will make it easier for business owners to respond to incoming messages from the same platform they use to message family and friends. With this new inbox, businesses can manage all their communication through a single app, rather than toggling through different apps for writing and responding to customer queries.

Facebook had announced its plan of providing a dedicated inbox back in May, but the feature became available only recently. Small businesses, who had to layoff additional staff amid Coronavirus lockdowns, can now respond to customers' queries quickly and not lose sales! 

Businesses don't have to make any changes to take advantage of the new feature, Facebook says. It will roll out automatically as long as their personal Facebook account is connected to their business's Facebook Page. This new feature is currently available on iOS and will arrive on Android soon!

4 Things We Learned About Automated Bidding During the Pandemic

Automated bidding

Bid management is a PPC marketer's preferred topic. This is because the right bids make the difference between campaigns that lose and make money. Before, search marketers used to spend a lot of time setting up the right CPC bid. But nowadays, in a world where PPC management can be automated, the task now is to pick the right automation and feed it the right settings!

The right bid is crucial for success, leaving you to think it's the best-understood part of PPC management. However, in reality, a lot of people are still unaware of how automation like Smart Bidding from Google works. This leaves a lot of questions about bid management and automated bidding in particular.

The pandemic has slowed down PPC campaigns, and it has given us a new insight into how automated bidding works. The article contains four things to learn about Smart Bidding from the world's most influential PPC experts!

Rebranding: The Key Elements to Remember When Updating Your Identity


There are a lot of challenges we face during branding, especially when it comes to rebranding. If you look to get a new look for your brand, it may not be that simple. Any company that has rebranded will tell you one thing- there are plenty of challenges involved in creating and rolling out your new look. 

We cannot get a definitive rebrand template that can promise success, but if you plan on a rebrand without pitfalls, you need to plan ahead. This will help make sure your rebrand strategy is implemented smoothly and effectively. It can be tempting to go about your rebranding process. Before you schedule any design-based meetings, you will have to decide on what type of rebrand your company needs!

The article will provide you with some key elements to remember when updating your brand identity. Read on to learn more!

Shop With Your Camera: Pinterest Displays Shoppable Pins in Visual Search Results

Pinterest has come up with a cool update that allows users to do a visual search with the camera lens. The Lens feature will enable them to search for a specific product just by taking a picture. Users can also upload pictures from their camera gallery, and Pinterest will display results with similar products. 

To get started with Pinterest Lens, you will have to start up the Pinterest app and click on the camera icon. This will be located on the right side of the search bar. The next step involves capturing the item you want to search for. Also, you will be able to upload it from your gallery!

Pinterest will then display a set of search results showing similar products. According to Pinterest's data, 90% of weekly users say they use the platform to make purchase decisions.

Wrapping Up!

So far, we came across some new features and updates that can help grow your marketing knowledge. From YouTube allowing creators to customize their channels to Facebook integrating Messenger for both business and personal messages, quite a lot is going on. As well, we saw four things about automated bidding during the pandemic. We also came across some key elements to remember while updating your brand identity.

Finally, we saw Pinterest's new update that will allow users to search for products using their camera lens!

Want to learn more updates on the world of digital marketing and expand your knowledge? Take the time to check out our latest blogs and #StayHomeStaySafe.

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