Emerging Web Development Trends To Enhance Your Business

Emerging Web Development Trends To Enhance Your Business

It seems that Web Design has become a more common practice in today’s day and age. I still remember building Piczo websites in 2008 during my high school years, but now, web development has advanced more than ever!

Site design is a crucial aspect to get right; it’s just as important as the layout of a store/shop. A great site design allows you to bring in more users and promotes a positive browsing experience.

From my experience working as a project manager for TechWyse Internet Marketing, delivering a variety of web development services, we’ll be going through some of the emerging web development trends to enhance your business.

Web Technology Trends in 2022

Before diving deep into design, let's go through the different technological innovations we have all witnessed in our digital realms.



It’s safe to say that we’ve all heard about crypto and the blockchain, where records of transactions such as bitcoin or cryptocurrency are linked in a peer-to-peer network.

A huge benefit of blockchain is that it is transparent because transaction histories are now more visible and trackable than ever. Additionally, they are also more secure, as blockchain is becoming a world-leading player in financial security, and blockchain consultants are getting popular by the day.

Blockchain is also the base of the fundamental structure that allows NFTs to exist.


NFT stands for non-fungible tokens. You’ve probably seen a million bored ape memes or gifs online and may be confused about what you're seeing. Simply put, it’s a digital asset that you can own.

The NBA allows you to purchase NFT versions of basketball cards, with a value that either rises or falls depending on the player's popularity. NFTs have been mostly exposed and seen in art shows.

This can be beneficial for emerging businesses wanting to get their hands dirty in the world of blockchain, especially with how many online eCommerce stores, as well as digital art shows, have been expanding.


Progressive web apps are some of the most impressive innovations in web development. In the simplest terms, it is a website that looks like a phone application.

For example, log onto Starbucks’ mobile site, and you’ll be greeted with a fantastic UX experience and web design that makes you forget you’re even using your web browser instead of an app.

This is excellent for businesses that want to project their brand into every detail, including how their customers view them online.

Functionality is the name of its game, and the idea behind PWAs is that you can use a simple, easy-to-use interface to shop online, browse information or even play an online puzzle video game like 2048.

The goal of the site is to perform like an application.


In many cases where lead generation is an objective, I’ve found that AI chatbots have benefited my clients throughout my time working as a marketing professional.

When we think about lead generation, we need to consider why the client is reaching out to you or your business.

The simple and rudimental reason is that they have questions, and a lead gen aims to provide answers to them; the only drawback with an orthodox lead generation approach is that clients might have questions before they even want to contact you.



An AI chat, only if designed and strategized properly, can be ultimately beneficial for your return on ad spend (ROAS) and general return on investment (ROI)

From my experience working in the Facebook realm, I’ve seen clients increase from receiving four leads in a standard lead generation campaign to 20 leads using AI chatbots.

Granted, this client had a business that shipped vehicles across North America, so you can probably guess that clientele and customers had a million questions before shipping their expensive vehicles over long distances.

The client was able to answer questions and concerns that potential clients had and build trust early on in the funnel, ultimately ending with a lead that was qualified much earlier in the process.

Top Web App Development Frameworks

While many different development frameworks exist, I would say there are about ten popular ones that make up the majority of website builds we find online. Which one is the best one to use, you may ask?

Check out a few of these frameworks below with an explanation of how it functions and may benefit you.


While WordPress puts its plug-in library on the main stage when considering features and benefits, Laravel is different.

Laravel is an excellent development framework for developers as it is an open-source PHP framework that makes development not only easier but a faster process as well.

In Laravel, everything is done in code, which makes it a perfect system for larger businesses and eCommerce brands, as the user has full access and control over the CMS.

This is great for a large retail business with multiple locations wanting a reliable eCommerce and stock relay system with large-scale data programming.

Ruby On Rails

Simply stated, this is a Ruby-written code platform that is supported by Rails which is a model view controller. The rails aspect allows the site conceptualization of Ruby written code.

What Ruby on Rails exceeds is the fast speeds regarding development that the system provides. This is excellent for smaller businesses or startups trying to formulate concepts and sites depending on their particular needs within a quick turnaround time.


This is a Typescript-based platform provided via a free, open-source web application framework. Started and managed by Google, Angular is one of the leading frameworks in web creation today.

The main benefit of Angular is the level of complex development and coding architectures available to a developer, providing them with the ability to create custom sites with hybrid functionality.

Sites like Microsoft Office, Paypal, and YouTube TV are websites that all use Angular as their framework. You can already see that angular provides much more customized development implementations than your average website.

Future Of Web Technology


It’s quite fascinating to see where web and general technology are going. It was only 20 years ago that we were only developing websites using simple HTML coding. Today, we have conversations about voice-based control and artificial intelligence.

Predicting what customers' and internet users' web activity and search trends become easier each day. Today we can look at our phones and activate our voice assistants with a simple “Hello!” and get answers from different websites on anything we wish to know.

We can now formulate speech into text and have our AI assistant provide answers for us, bringing up the need for sites and businesses to become relevant with emerging technologies.

We can even ask these voice assistants to open up Starbucks' website, where we can utilize their PWA system and order our delicious latte’s on a site that looks like a beautifully designed application.

I’m sure that we’ve only covered the tip of the iceberg in this article, but I am sure that we’ll start seeing the emergence of quantum computing, a new form of innovation that would have lightspeed levels of acceleration regarding our web development.

Web Development FAQ

Which is the popular web development Framework?

Node.js is currently the most popular web development framework to date (as of 2022).

It’s an open-source, cross-platform, back-end Javascript runtime environment that also runs on JavaScript Engine. The JavaScript engine is known to be the V8 engine of the world of web development.

It’s an easy-to-learn and quick-to-adapt system that helps produce easy scalability for modern applications. Nod.js can be used to create sites that offer streaming capabilities or data synchronizations.

From map integrations such as a courier site providing map directions and status updates to sport streaming sites, the level of customization and the phenomenal performance of Java allows complex site architectures to be executed smoothly and quickly.

Websites like Netflix are a great example of a business that uses Nod.js on their website.

To harness the power of Node.js and maximize its potential, businesses can hire Node.js developers who specialize in this technology.
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Which is the latest Web technology?

Quantum computing is our next step in technology, not just web development. Instead of focusing on orthodox means of using computers, quantum computing uses theories of quantum theory.

This processing method involves using subatomic particles to relay data and information. This essentially means that our computers, technology, and processing capabilities will increase significantly with a significantly smaller hardware footprint.

We will eventually have microcomputers that are significantly more powerful than their non-quantum larger counterparts.

Which framework are you providing?

While our team here at TechWyse has had experience working with many different types of web frameworks, our preference is the usage of the Themosis framework being the WordPress Stack.


WordPress is a free and open-source CMS written in hypertext preprocessor language with support for HTTPS.

While the free-to-use aspect of WordPress may seem to be the selling point, it’s main benefit is the massive library of WordPress plug-ins that is available to web developers.

This is great for Intermediate Web Developers, Coordinators and Managers who enjoy the customization of WordPress but enjoy the ease of complex coding that is solved by developed plug-ins within the WordPress system.

Need a chatbot for your site but don’t want to program a complex system? There’s a plugin for that!

WordPress is an excellent framework for smaller to medium-sized businesses.

Other Platforms

While WordPress is mostly our forte, we have experience with custom PHP sites and popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify. However, WordPress has been our preferred platform.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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