8 LinkedIn Automation Tools: Weighing the Pros and Cons

8 LinkedIn Automation Tools: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Searching for a job? 

Exploring career opportunities?

Promoting your brand?

Building a network? 

Sharing your knowledge, skills, and expertise? 

What are you waiting for? Harness the power of LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is a social networking platform for businesses and professionals looking to connect with each other. This digital platform has about 922.3 million members worldwide, considered one of the most popular social media channels today.


Source: Data Reportal


If you plan to make the most of LinkedIn, consider leveraging automation. This technology will provide you with more opportunities on the platform, from growing your traffic to increasing your sales. However, there is more to these benefits than meets the eye.

Now, what automated tools should you capitalize on to maximize the platform’s opportunities? 

This page shares eight LinkedIn automation tools you can invest in. Read on to weigh their pros and cons to make informed decisions.


What Is LinkedIn Automation?

LinkedIn automation entails automating manual activities on the LinkedIn platform using software technology. The goal is to reduce manual work and accelerate various processes for efficiency, accuracy, quality, and overall productivity on the platform. You can automate several tasks on LinkedIn, such as the following:

  • Connection Requests: Automation helps you connect with relevant professionals and businesses. Instead of manually searching for connections, automated tools can do the job for you.
  • LinkedIn Messaging: Automation generates automated content you can send to other professionals. You don’t need to spend time drafting, writing, and sending messages.
  • Follow-up Messages: Automation automatically sends messages to recipients for updates. Automated tools allow for automatic scheduling, so you won’t forget to follow up.
  • Lead Generation: Automation helps find prospects and generate leads for your business. It goes as far as boosting your engagement with prospects and customers.
  • LinkedIn Marketing: Automation can help optimize your marketing efforts. Whether identifying prospects, performing outreach, or engaging with professionals, this technology can make your marketing tasks easier and faster.
  • Content Posting and Sharing: Automation automatically lets you schedule, post, and share content pieces on the platform. AI tools for social media can significantly improve efficiency by streamlining these processes. You don’t have to put in too much time and effort to perform all these tasks.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: Automation collects data and information, while analytics tools assist you in interpreting, analyzing, and reporting data. They can help you make informed decisions for your LinkedIn activities.
  • Recruitment and Job Posting: Automation helps you find potential candidates that suit your available jobs. Publishing job ads and hiring the right people will be such a breeze on the platform.

The use of automation shows no signs of stopping or even slowing down in business. The proof is in the numbers: The global automation software market could grow from $19.9 billion in 2021 to $76.4 billion by 2030. It's projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.5%. 


Source: Acumen Research and Consulting


Jim Pendergast, Senior Vice President at altLINE Sobanco, recommends investing in automation for business and professional networking. 

Pendergast said, “Given the market growth of automation, join in the bandwagon to streamline your LinkedIn activities and reap many networking opportunities. But of course, you must identify your professional and business needs and determine your platform requirements. That will help you decide what particular software or application to use.”

Wondering what automation tools you should use for your LinkedIn tasks? Find out in the next section.


Top Software Automation Tools for LinkedIn

Automation has become such a game-changer in the world of business. According to McKinsey, 50% of work can be automated in today's digital landscape, and over 30% of companies have already fully automated at least one task. The use of automation is apparent in social media, on top of how LinkedIn is used for business and professional networking.

To learn which automation tools are worth considering for your LinkedIn, continue reading below:

1. Dripify IO

Dripify is an automated tool used for LinkedIn prospecting and lead generation. As the name implies, it allows you to create drip campaigns by letting you import leads, set a sequence, and summarize your campaign. Likewise, this tool helps you manage teams, analyze data, and respond to leads.

Andrew Pierce, CEO at LLC Attorney, recommends using Dripify for LinkedIn prospecting and generation. “This robust platform lets you target clients and engage with them through a streamlined LinkedIn campaign. If you want to optimize your lead prospecting and generate more leads, Dripify can make a difference in your campaign.”

But of course, take a look at its pros and cons first:




  • Simple and accessible user interface (UI)
  • Seamless drip campaign
  • East tool integration
  • With video tutorials and various resources
  • No data downloading capabilities
  • Mobile unavailable


2. Taplio

Taplio is an automated tool that is best for content creation and scheduling. This tool essentially creates content using AI as well as writes and schedules LinkedIn posts. It also helps you find prospects, nurture leads, build relationships, and engage with others. Lastly, it allows you to analyze statistics and monitor your performance on the platform.

If you’re struggling to create and schedule content for your LinkedIn posts, Taplio is exactly what you need. For informed decisions, below are its pros and cons:




  • User-friendly platform
  • Fast commenting capability
  • Reasonable pricing
  • No follow-up capabilities
  • Irrelevant AI features (at times)


3. Expandi

Expandi is an automation tool for multichannel outreach used by sales teams and agencies. It enables you to automatically send connection requests, LinkedIn messages, Inmails, and cold emails. It is also capable of creating smart sequences and personalizing images and GIFs. Plus, this tool performs LinkedIn warmup and conducts A/B testing.

If you focus on reaching out to LinkedIn prospects via multiple channels, Expandi is best for you. To help you decide better, here are its pros and cons:




  • A/B testing
  • LinkedIn warmup
  • Visual builder
  • No Application Programming Interface (API)
  • No Twitter automation
  • Complex user experience (UX)


4. Lemlist

Lemlist is an automation tool for personalizing and prospecting on various platforms, including LinkedIn. This software has evolved from simple cold emails to fully integrated actions in their sequences. What’s good is that it lets you send cold emails, follow-ups, connection requests, and LinkedIn messages automatically. 

If you seek to turn leads into sales or prospects into customers, Lemlist can do the job for you. But first, weigh its pros and cons below:




  • Robust cold email
  • Email warmup
  • CRM integration
  • Easy onboarding
  • No visual builder
  • Bugs in LinkedIn actions


5. MeetAlfred

MeetAlfred primarily seeks to automate tasks as a way to empower teams. It has a built-in CRM system for easy management and contact categorization. It also allows you to send personalized follow-up messages. Lastly, and more importantly, this tool can create a multi-channel sales pipeline for your business.

Tom Golubovich, Head of Marketing and Media Relations at Ninja Transfers, suggests taking advantage of MeetAlfred. “This automated tool lets you connect with clients, manage your contacts and follow-up with them. If you plan to automate and grow your LinkedIn prospecting campaign, you better meet Alfred.” 

But before doing so, here are its pros and cons:




  • Multiple campaign sequences
  • Robust analytics dashboard
  • Safety usage limits
  • Various tool integrations
  • Limited starter plan
  • Complex platform


6. Linked Helper

Linked Helper is an automated tool for smart outreach, allowing you to find and target business-to-business (B2B) clients. For one, it automatically endorses contacts and vice versa, which is ideal for LinkedIn prospecting. It also builds message chains with its auto-responder for your campaign. Lastly, this tool helps manage contacts and organize the lead funnel via CRM.

Looking to get smart with your LinkedIn outreach? The Linked Helper can surely help! Learn more about its pros and cons below.




  • User-friendly tool
  • Excellent integration
  • Intuitive drip campaigns
  • Customized outreach templates
  • Built-in CRM for lead management
  • No built-in email function
  • App download requirement
  • Less flexibility


7. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an automation tool for B2B lead generation and sales. As the name implies, this tool helps you navigate the platform for a successful campaign. It offers advanced search filters, lead recommendations, and personalized data insights.

Corey Donovan, President of Alta Technologies, suggests leveraging LinkedIn sales navigator. “They help us connect with B2B clients needing order fulfillment and product shipping services. If you want to boost your lead generation and sales conversion campaigns, this one’s for you.” 

Below are its pros and cons:




  • Free 1-month trial
  • Great profile navigation
  • Excellent segmentation
  • Group messaging
  • Limited automation functionality
  • Limited starter plan


8. Zopto

Zopto is a lead-generation tool for startups and small businesses. Its intelligent automation can help with your sales outreach campaign via omnichannel platforms. It also offers secure LinkedIn prospecting and real-time reporting. This cloud-based software has so much to offer with its various features.

Linda Shaffer, Chief People Operations Officer at Checkr, recommends using Zopto for its automation feature. “Most of our clients are usually big companies needing  background checking service. But this automated tool also allows us to connect with relevant startups and small business clients. So, if you want to take your lead and sales campaign to the next level, Zopto best suits your needs.” 

To decide further, here are its pros and cons:




  • Target audience customization
  • Customized desired engagement level
  • A/B testing capability
  •  Challenging initial setup


Final Words

LinkedIn automation tools make your tasks and lives a lot easier on the platform. They provide you with more opportunities for building your network, promoting your brand, engaging with other professionals, and recruiting qualified employees.

As such, consider the eight LinkedIn automation tools recommended above. More importantly, weigh their pros and cons while factoring in your needs. Ultimately, that will help you decide what automation tools to invest in for your professional and business networking success!


Looking to harness the power of LinkedIn automation? TechWyse can help you with marketing automation, social media management, and other digital marketing services. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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