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Internet marketing Toronto companies are a dime a dozen. So, how do you know you can trust an internet marketing company like us to get you more exposure with potential clients so you can grow your business?

Our internet marketing team is committed to superior, proven SEO marketing that helps search engines find you. We interweave our SEO tactics to ensure we are providing the highest quality, relevant content for your business in hand with a strong keyword base strategy. The result is engaging content that takes a direct route to the top of Google’s rankings across all industries and sectors.

TORONTO’S Big City Culture

Toronto is a Canadian metropolis where people want to live, travel and build their careers. The thriving businesses in Toronto continue to attract top talent, seeing growth in every industry.

With 2.6 million people and counting, we offer a big-city culture that attracts some of the most vibrant and diverse events and celebrations from TIFF to wedding expos.

This diversity and growth are good for Toronto but pose a challenge for your company as competition is stiff. If you want to rank on Google’s front page, you have to take the bull by the horns and create an effective SEO and online marketing strategy with proper market research to rise higher in the rankings.

Toronto Internet Marketing: INDUSTRIES WE SERVE

With 2 decades of experience serving different industries and verticals all across Canada and the United States, we have been able to cater to clients to achieve remarkable results through our internet marketing campaigns.

Some of the main industries which we cater to are listed below.


In Toronto, world-class hospitals in hand with private medical facilities focused on all aspects of health are in serious competition to attract patients. Your challenge is to tailor your marketing to attract more people to your facility. We can help you rise to the top using ramped up SEO and valuable retarget marketing campaigns.


Toronto attracts students from around the world to our top law schools. Every day, new graduates enter the highly competitive playing field of law in all aspects, from family to corporate and personal injury to real estate. You have to break through the noise and provide compelling, relevant information that helps position you higher in the rankings, so you are the first choice for new clients.


The booming Toronto real estate market attracts buyers from all walks looking for affordable homes in a costly city. Bring your expertise to the forefront whether you are focused on selling/buying homes, offering mortgages, staging or home décor. An unbeatable SEO strategy helps you leverage the constant search for real estate information and an endless pool of prospects.

An unbeatable SEO strategy helps you leverage the constant search for real estate information and an endless pool of prospects.


Toronto is the largest city in Canada with an active financial community including the Toronto Stock Exchange. As home to some of the most successful media, transportation, software production and engineering companies in the country, Toronto residents have become influencers in nearly every industry. To prosper in this competitive city, you need a robust SEO and digital marketing strategy.

Toronto Internet Marketing: Services We Offer

TechWyse offers some of the most in-demand internet marketing services you need to meet your business objectives, including:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

TechWyse Internet Marketing is the leading digital marketing agency dominating 20 years in the Search Engine Optimization industry. We have helped thousands of clients achieve sustainable growth using proven SEO strategies and best internet marketing practices, including content-driven link building, stellar conversion-friendly website development and meaningful content to attract search engines.

Search engine algorithms are always changing, which makes it difficult for businesses to maintain their position in organic search results. At TechWyse, our team of digital marketing specialists can help boost your business’ online search visibility. Our team of SEO specialists keeps up with search trends to help your website rank for competitive keywords that lead to better traffic and conversions.

Our approach has allowed us to become a top Toronto-based SEO company, recognized worldwide. As SEO pioneers, we understand how to leverage both on-page and off-page SEO. This gives you the power of control over your web pages for complete optimization from keywords to user experience. You also have a strategy that nurtures online relationships with relevant websites that drives more referrals and enhance rankings through links, social media sharing and brand mentions

We offer some additional SEO services such as Local Business Optimization and Penalty Removal to help out with your rankings. Learn more about our add-on SEO services.

We ensure a thorough website audit for an improved user experience to attract more potential customers, increase traffic, and generate sales.


PPC Advertising is one of the most effective digital marketing services provided by TechWyse. It brings targeted traffic to your website that will help your business generate and convert leads. Pay-Per-Click using Google Adwords is an effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) method to get quick results and return on your online marketing strategy investment.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns can be used across a variety of digital advertising channels, including highly effective Google Ads and paid search campaigns. With the right strategy for your business, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) increases growth by helping you get noticed at the top of the page. You can outrank competitors in organic searches while increasing your chances of a more effective long-term SEO strategy.

PPC is your competitive edge for commercial niches and can increase website clicks by making you more visible above the organic top-ranking place holders. As many as 40% of clicks conducted on high commercial intent search queries can be attributed to the first three ad positions, attracting more searches intent on buying your products or services.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Advertising offers highly targeted, accurate, and cost-effective advertising, leveraging the obsession with Social Networking to attract high-quality leads. You’ll have access to a massive database of like-minded people who could benefit from your brand. This powerful tool allows you to pinpoint your ideal audience using the social platform used by your target, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

TechWyse is equipped with a team of skilled and creative social media marketing professionals who can help your business to reach your target audience from different social media platforms with a combination of organic and paid advertising strategies.

We offer different tactics to ensure we are reaching the perfect audience without wasting time or money. Reach people where they live, share, like and comment so you can engage them in a more meaningful way while raising brand awareness through social media marketing.

Online Advertising

We offer a wide range of online advertising services using a customized strategy to meet your needs and more effectively reach your target audience. We combine the most cost-effective solutions, including paid search engine placements, social media advertising, and display network advertising. We provide incomparable targeting as a Google Premier Partner with access to alpha and beta tests in new advertising opportunities.

Content Marketing

We can provide a regular flow of meaningful content that helps position your business as thought leaders in your industry. The better quality your content pages, the more often Google indexes your site, and the more easily search engines find and refer your content to users. To improve brand recognition and gain customer engagement our team creates and implements a content marketing strategy as pillar support for an SEO boost. Content marketing means more traffic, increased page views, and higher quality leads.

Easy-to-read content on your website can provide an improved user experience which in turn helps in growing your audience and business. A concise and clear content marketing strategy is an essential ingredient to compete in the modern business of any industry.

Our team at TechWyse creates content that converts. We are always one step ahead and ready with all relevant and new information available to stand out from the competition.

Creative and high-quality content is important to drive high-quality traffic and create an improved online presence. High-quality content can also reflect positively on other strategies such as social media and SEO.

Toronto Internet Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is another digital marketing service that we offer to automate your marketing activities during different stages of your sales funnel. A wide range of marketing problems can be solved with marketing automation. Email newsletters or general email marketing funnels, online advertising strategies, and social media scheduling can be repetitive and time-consuming – but automation makes them much easier and more streamlined.

Our team of marketers leverages the use of marketing automation strategies to ensure a constant flow of high-quality leads, which generates more sales and also builds a stronger, more loyal customer base.

Make your digital marketing work for you 24/7 by using marketing automation. With tools that can craft custom messaging fit specifically for your business objectives, reach the right prospects and build even stronger brand loyalty.

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