How to Improve Conversions by Switching to a Responsive Design

Responsive Website Design

The online retail market has never been more fluid than it currently is. Easier and faster ways for the consumer to buy goods and services are constantly emerging, leaving companies with a clear choice: keep up or give up! To gain and retain a healthy slice of the available commerce, businesses need to optimize each potential customer’s experience in order to encourage conversion from inquiry to purchase. One efficient way to do this is by ensuring your website has a responsive design.

The Advantages of Responsive Design

Advantages of Responsive Design

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Responsive design, which allows a website to be accessed via a broad range of devices, provides the most convenience for your customer when navigating your website. This means that your website can be browsed on different screen and devices, which allows them to view it whenever they want. Furthermore, if they return to your site using a different device, they will see the same text and images, making it easier for them to find whatever piqued their interest. Such flexibility is invaluable in a market in where convenience is premium.

Close to fifty per cent of consumers say they would go to the next available site rather than view yours later on another device. Among the buying public, failure to ensure that your website is mobile and tablet-friendly is taken as a sign that you don’t care enough about their experience. A further advantage of responsive design is that it enhances that vital element, user experience. In fact, Google has recently announced that mobile-friendliness will be a ranking factor in their algorithm!

Not Just for Mobile Commerce

Website Design for Mobile

Although one of the main reasons businesses are turning to responsive design is to ensure they don’t miss out on valuable mobile transactions, even companies that do more business via other online means are finding it transformative. Working with a multiple fluid grid framework allows you to have a single URL, which makes your website easier to find using a search engine — a great advantage in an era where ‘Google’ has evolved into a verb. Additionally, a single URL can save you a great deal of money by allowing your SEO campaign to work for every format, rather than having to pay for separate campaigns.

Getting it Right

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Employing a professional company to design your website ensures that you are putting your company’s future in expert hands. More than half of the web design companies that businesses turn to are connecting with the wider customer base through social media to gain knowledge and understanding their needs. A professional agency will consult with you to assess your needs, before implementing a responsive design that will encapsulate the varied requirements of your customers and present your goods and services in the most accessible manner.

No consumer will base their shopping choices on one factor, but surveys continue to demonstrate that shoppers want to be able to browse a site at their own convenience. They will use and recommend sites more readily if they’re easy to navigate and attractively presented. With responsive design, you can rest assured that your customers will see your business in its best light; what more could you ask?

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