10 Ways To Improve Conversion On Your Website

10 Ways To Improve Conversion On Your Website

The conversion rate of a site refers to the number of budding customers that become buyers. In the technical context, it is actually the percentage of visitors that buy something from your site. This means that your online success is directly proportional to the site’s conversion rate. The higher this rate is, the more rewards you earn in monetary and reputation terms.

The reality is that several sites focus solely on converting their visitors into customers, without paying adequate attention to the existing problems whose solutions can significantly increase their conversion rate at minimal expense. More often than not, improving a site conversion rate can be quite simple. Here are 10 ways to do so!

1. Make Your Site Highly Accessible

It helps drastically to simplify the process of purchasing on your site as quick as possible for your customers. You need to consider physically impaired visitors as well, for whom you need to implement distinct techniques so that it becomes easy for them as well to buy from your site. In short, irrespective of the kind of visitors, your site should be such that they do not have to hunt for things they want. Moreover, your design should have highly visible elements!

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2. Give Offers

This is one of the most powerful ways to improve your conversion rate. A great offer such as a high discount rate or a free product with the purchase really increases the response rate of the visitors. This also triggers marketing by word of mouth, as one visitor is likely to spread about it to others.

Accept Diverse Payment Modes

Doing so actually increases the convenience of your customers, as they do not use only one kind of payment. As a fact, several customers are now not using credit cards for online shopping. Therefore, you need to offer other modes such as PayPal and debit cards.

Consider Remarketing

It is a fact that a majority of visitors on your site will not convert immediately. Therefore, you can add remarketing scripts on the site to re-market to these visitors when they visit a site that contains Google ads via the Google Display Network. Because the visitors have visited your site before, chances are higher that they will become your leads.

Have Returns Policy

This is another attractive way to increase the conversion rate. An open returns policy visible on your site indicates that a customer can replace or return the product if it is broken or is not as per what was wanted. In this way, you can ensure customer satisfaction and gain their trust through such customer service.

Add Different Modes of Communication

This is extremely important without which no customer would even like to consider your site for shopping next time after visiting for the first time. You need to give several modes of communications such as live chat, social media icons, e-mails, form submissions, commenting space, fax, and phone so that the visitors can ask questions, get more information, share your stuff, and make comments, or share.

Add Landing Pages

A landing page is something that is gaining popularity even from the point of view of search engine optimization. Instead of diverting traffic to your home page, it is more effective to send them to standalone landing pages. Such pages actually have only one aim: To convert the visitor into a buyer. Moreover, creating landing pages is the latest trend in the Web designing world.

Be Honest and Clear

Dishonesty is the best foolishness to annoy your own promising customers. For example, you should say no if the product is out of stock, as nothing can be irritating as to know that the product is not there after adding it to the cart. Similarly, you need to be honest when it comes to revealing the total price including shipping and handling.

Know Your Unique Selling Point

Buyers are of three types: Big spenders, average spenders, and non-spenders. For a boosted conversion rate, you need to target the right kind of buyers or spenders. Further, you also need to understand your USP to aid your customers remember you. Your USP is what attracts the visitor to buy from your site. Examples of USPs include low prices, great customer service, and free delivery.

Increase the Value of Visitors

Visitors usually come to a site frequently because they like to see what the site shows. For example, if a user adds a product, show them other similar items that they may like. They might not buy the product at the first sight but chances will increase for them to come back.

Author Divya is expert blogger writers on variety of topics like seo, conversion optimzation and much more. She contributed related articles, reviews and content to many article sites and internet marketing blogs.

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    For someone who may be new to blogging, this article is well worth gold. Each point that has been mentioned is relevant and implementing them will go a long way in ensuring a high conversion at all times.
    As far as landing pages are concerned, the best way to increase conversions is to test continuously until you achieve a high conversion. Test each part of the landing page including the title, description, placement of the optin-in box, colors, format and any other aspect of the page.

  • avatar
    Shawn Gossman 


    And when it come to returns, in all honesty, I think its best to try to complete each and every return when appropriate. Some companies will say that there are no returns or refunding and to me that is saying that you shouldn’t trust the product or service completely. I think your better off and your brand is better off when you allow for refunding and returns.

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    I think that ppl who want to increase traffic and improve conversion should find and use a nice seo tool. It always helps, you have background, statistics… And you can learn a lot about traffic, conversions, search engines. Everything turned out so simple when I’ve started using Colibri (http://colibri.io/). Amazing tool, I would recommend it always, no matter if you have a website, online shop or blog.

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    As a new boy on the block this type of post is a goldmine. OK there is lots of this information out there on the net but some of the points here made me stop and think a little.
    Increasing the value for the visitor is probably the most important one to me today however. If you don’t do this, why would your readers bother to re-visit your website or blog? Increaing the value can be as simple as producing quality and original content.

  • avatar

    Wow, great article as always πŸ™‚ But I have a problem, or rather a question. Most of the points in the article are great, matter of fact, you can do all of them but you will be lucky to get say 100 visitors per day. Also, giving away free stuff means that you incur extra expenses and your site being young, I assume that you may not have extra cash. time for that matter to give free stuff say PDFs and even software. How to you get past this hurdle?

  • avatar

    Great article but most of the things you describe require thousands of dollars to invest in tech companies with the software to implement these on your website. Furthermore, ecommerce sites generally cost $20k minimum just have run the cart so I think we can safely say that most of us here won’t be able to put your advice into practice any time soon.

  • avatar

    I agree with all of these points and some of them are highly underrated. For example, you’ll find numerous sites offering information that is not honest and clear. You’ll find one article that contradicts the other. And accessible is another good point. I can’t stress this one enough, so many websites make it so difficult to navigate that I end up leaving it. Thanks!

  • avatar

    The first tip is self-explanatory. “Make Your Site Highly Accessible” for you to able to keep your website alive and productive and no doubt that it will improve your conversion.
    I suggest link building and posting your link on your social media accounts like Facebook, twitter and instagram. All in all, the 10 tips that shared with us are informative. Thanks a lot! πŸ™‚
    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the IM social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

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