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5 Easy Steps to Help Convert Your Website Visitors

Website Conversion March 25th, 2013



As Internet marketing continues to grow in popularity, more and more business owners have recognized the value in driving relevant traffic to their website via search engines, content networks, social media, etc. What many business owners fail to recognize is the value of a conversion friendly website design. It is simple, the easier it is to find what you are looking for on a website, the more likely you will use it! So many website owners fail to follow this simple rule.

Statistics have shown us that simply updating your website to conversion friendly layout will increase conversions up to 50%. Making your website conversion friendly doesn’t mean designing a new website…you can simply update your current website by following some of our TechWyse design standards. I selected a random website to demonstrate on: www.drhaworth.com.

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1) Always ensure the phone number is not only in the top right on every page of your website, but is visible!

2) NO MUSIC! Many website browsers are visiting your site during the day and often during working hours. Forcing music to someone unprepared to hear it will often cause them to quickly exit from your website.

3) A similar point to no music would be automatic video play. If you would like to integrate a video, give your user the option to play the video on their own. Again an automatic video play will result in a high exit rate (lost visitors).

4) A clean design can go a long way. Ensure your content flows. Too many banners, offers, blogs, etc. can overwhelm the user and result in a high exit rate (lost visitors and ultimately conversions).

5) Last but not least, the most important, ensure you have a clear call to action with action buttons that allow the client to easily contact you for your services. We refer to this as a Sales Funnel.

For more information on conversion friendly websites, click here.

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5 Easy Steps to Help Convert Your Website Visitors

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