5 Easy Steps to Help Convert Your Website Visitors

As Internet marketing continues to grow in popularity, more and more business owners have recognized the value in driving relevant traffic to their website via search engines, content networks, social media, etc. What many business owners fail to recognize is the value of a conversion friendly website design. It is simple, the easier it is to find what you are looking for on a website, the more likely you will use it! So many website owners fail to follow this simple rule.

Statistics have shown us that simply updating your website to conversion friendly layout will increase conversions up to 50%. Making your website conversion friendly doesn’t mean designing a new website…you can simply update your current website by following some of our TechWyse design standards. I selected a random website to demonstrate on: www.drhaworth.com.

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1) Always ensure the phone number is not only in the top right on every page of your website, but is visible!

2) NO MUSIC! Many website browsers are visiting your site during the day and often during working hours. Forcing music to someone unprepared to hear it will often cause them to quickly exit from your website.

3) A similar point to no music would be automatic video play. If you would like to integrate a video, give your user the option to play the video on their own. Again an automatic video play will result in a high exit rate (lost visitors).

4) A clean design can go a long way. Ensure your content flows. Too many banners, offers, blogs, etc. can overwhelm the user and result in a high exit rate (lost visitors and ultimately conversions).

5) Last but not least, the most important, ensure you have a clear call to action with action buttons that allow the client to easily contact you for your services. We refer to this as a Sales Funnel.

For more information on conversion friendly websites, click here.


Known affectionately as 'Sarge' for her no nonsense attitude, Britt has an array of interests that range from project management, to playing guitar, and video games. She doesn't like to write on the Rise to the Top blog very often, which makes it even more powerful when she does.

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    Great post on conversion. I think the most important part of the website aside from a clean look is absolutely a clear call to action. Tell your visitor what you want them to do is key.

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    I agree with all of the tips above, that website does look a bit busy. I like to look at website that do not challange me to find what I am looking for. Often I believe website use keywords that are not releavant to attract people to the page. Not only is that deceptive but it causes people to leave that website so that technique is pointless.

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    Amazing post! As a follow-up, I have utilized some of the techniques displayed on this blog and it has helped my conversion immensely. For a while I have struggled to find a site that has a good balance of media integration and pure content. By following some of your pointers, such as removing some banners, I have recreated my site to have fresh appeal.

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    Websites with music automatically in the background are horrible and should be deleted from the internet. I hate them so much!

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    I agree with these points 100%. I can not tell you how many times I had to quickly exit a site because music played upon loading. It’s really embarrassing if this happens while you’re at work. I also liked how you mentioned that the phone number should be more visible. Often times, I will visit a company’s website to look up their phone number. Sometimes it has taken me forever to finally locate it. Other times I didn’t find it at all, and this was very disappointing.

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    While I generally do not mess with the work of other creative people I did have to step in and demand some changes made on a website I commissioned a few months back. After a long argument with the web designer he finally caved in and fixed it – it seems not even professionals are immune to the types of bad practices this article described.

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    Victor Leigh 


    That part about the flow of the content. First we have to figure out how we want the reader to travel over the site, with his eyes. Do we want him to go up and down and up again? Surely not. So do we want him to go straight down the middle? That’s fair enough but it would mean that he might miss something at the sides. I would suggest tracing a zig-zag path down the page. Use images set alternatively on the right and left to pull the reader’s attention to the side where there are adverstisements. Yes, that’s right. That’s what we want the reader to see. The advertisements. Because the adverstisements bring home the bacon, so to say.

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    Point number 2 I feel really stands out for me. Personally, I’ve been to many sites where they try hard to incorporate music yet it never fails in making the site feel a little more childish and unprofessional. I don’t believe music has a place in most areas, unless of course it’s a site devoted to music. I’ve ran a site once and I had a phase where music played, I distinctly remember having less visitors during that time period.

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    Many thanks for the tips, yes sites with music are horrible!

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    Ok, I still do not have a website, but when I have, I will take care this information into my account.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for posting this. I’m going to use it soon.

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    I agree with all these very helpful steps!

    In my opinion the most important step is the no music/ auto playing videos, those are very annoying and no one actually wants to hear looping music while they browse your website.

    Thanks for the tips!

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    I agree to these points. I’ve been a critique on most of my friends’ startup websites and I apply these standards whenever I advise them on some improvements. A cluttered page with lots of digital content and splashy design will result in very slow loading time, which drives visitors away. Make it clean and simple, but enticing. :)

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    I already knew about some of these points, as I am pretty good at driving targeted traffic to my own website/blog. I do have to brush up on how to convert that traffic though, so I will certainly be looking to take the tips that you have offered above into my strategy. I recently got my first three conversions two days ago, and so I am looking into how I achieved that, and I will try to improve upon it with these tips, like having a large call-to-action button. I have been told that this helps by a lot of people, but my mistake is going by how I would react to things.

    If I saw a large call to action button, then I would probably avoid it all the more. But I understand that not everybody thinks like i do. Thanks again for the tips.

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    Some very good points. I especially hate websites with music.

    A good clean flowing design is essential.

    The marketing acronym of Attention – Interest – Desire – Action very much applies to website as well.


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