How to Measure, Monitor and Improve Your Twitter Engagement

Tips to improve twitter engagement

Twitter marketing is only as effective as how closely your growing audience is listening and how well it engages with your brand.

Twitter engagement is the most fundamental metric you should be monitoring when evaluating your Twitter marketing success. Without engagement, there are no clicks or conversions.

What Is Twitter Engagement?

Twitter engagement is exactly what it sounds like: you are engaging with users of Twitter. However, it is more than just speaking at them and hoping they read what you have to say. You are opening up a dialogue with those who are interested in your niche. It should be a conversation, not a lecture.

When you properly engage, you will see a couple of hallmarks of that connection:

People will retweet you.

  • People will @Mention you.
  • Users will favourite/like your tweets.
  • People will share your tweets to their timeline
  • People will follow you.

As soon as you see these four hallmarks regularly occurring each time you tweet, you will know you are properly engaging your Twitter audience.

How Is Twitter Engagement Measured?

The hallmarks above are a good indication that engagement has been established, but not a means of measuring that engagement’s success. You want to look for more solid signs of interest, and then establish patterns that can help you to narrow your focus and improve on those results.

For that, you need tools. The good news is there are many (many, many, many!) programs out there that have been created just for that reason. Here are a few good ones:



A comprehensive social media analytics platform, Brandwatch measures every aspect of your data you could imagine and presents it in an easy to understand graph. They keep their reports detailed so you can see exactly where you can improve, and in what areas you are succeeding.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Probably the best known social media tool out there, Sprout Social works as a wider social media dashboard that looks at multiple profiles from different platforms. It covers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. It also uses a unique style of metric measurement to help you see your engagement across all three sites.


Nothing will give you as much insight into your audience as your own site. Your most powerful data is the one you own.

Finteza is the only on-site analytics recommended here thanks to its focus on engagement. You can limit all the reports to Twitter and see how your Twitter users engage with your site, which parts of the world they are coming from and whether they respond well to your on-page analytics:


You can also set up a re-targeting campaign inside Finteza to later re-engage your Twitter traffic.

How Can I Up My Twitter Engagement?

There are no magic bullets here: No tactic will meaningfully automate your Twitter engagement and let you just sit back and watch your Twitter-generated conversions grow. Here are a few long-term tactics you may want to experiment with to see more people engage with your Twitter content:

1. Ask Questions

Whether you ask questions on your site or on your social media channels, they always cause people to make a pause and try to find an answer. This is where the magic of questions lies. Questions work great for audience engagement.

Ask questions on Twitter and encourage your followers to provide answers. For question inspiration, use Text Optimizer, a semantic analysis engine that uses Google search result snippets to extract related concepts, entities, and questions.

Text Optimizer questions

It’s a good idea to use your competitor’s brand name as the base query to see which struggles their customers are facing. That’s a great way to steer Twitter discussions to your own selling points!

Text Optimizer

2. Create Twitter-Friendly Videos

Videos are known to engage users best. They also help you increase your reach by bringing your content to video-only platforms like Vimeo and Youtube and diversifying you content on other networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Wave Video makes it extremely easy to create and publish videos. They offer hundreds of original templates you can edit in minutes to add your pictures, messages and brand assets.


3. Tag Influencers and Brands

One of the first rules I learned about content marketing was the use of lists. They are a quick way of giving information, formatted to make it easier for the reader to skin through.

Lists, both best-of and master lists of third party or in-site links, are always an effective way of repackaging content. Plus, it allows you to promote old posts in a new way and so drive traffic back to something you have made before.

“Best of” lists do wonders in terms of social media engagement. It works as follows:

  • Create a list of best blogs or experts in your niche
  • Create tweets tagging as many of them as you can fit into one tweet (you can create as many tweets as needed)
  • Schedule them to go live in your Twitter feed

Those tagged will be notified by Twitter they were mentioned and they are likely to like and retweet your update sharing it with their vast audience.

Twitter tag

You can even send out an email notifying that you have included their name in the tweet listing the top social media influencers. This way, you can make sure that your mention doesn’t get lost under the hundreds of twitter notifications they will be receiving every day. Opting for email marketing services can make the outreach process easier for you.

4. Re-package Quotes into Images

With the popularity of image sharing (and the growing importance of image thumbnails in Twitter snippets), it only makes sense to convert your text into a cool image and use it to make your content spread. You can use any of these free tools to create awesome images to use in your tweets. And here are visual marketing tools to customize and brand your message.

5. Optimize Your Site to Engage Those Twitter Users

Ultimately, it all comes down to how well your site engages those who were referred by your Tweets. You can use Alter that is an engagement bot that makes sure your visitors follow your sales funnel. It places a smart self-learning widget on your pages that monitors your users’ behavior and prompts them to keep using your site:

Alter recommendations

Alter integrates with the major email marketing platforms allowing you to boost your opt-in rate.

Finally, for long-term results, keep experimenting!

Do you have any tips to improve your Twitter engagement? Questions? Let us know in the comments.

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