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How To Monitor 100 Facebook Pages In 10 Minutes

Social Media Marketing June 22nd, 2015


How To Monitor Facebook Pages

You may not have a hundred pages, but if you’re a social media manager, you likely have your fair share.

If you’ve become an experienced social media manager, you’ve definitely got a system for Quality Assurance. You need good QA to ensure you have the right image and links, that you don’t have spelling and grammar mistakes, and of course, that you’re not posting to the wrong account!

No matter how airtight your QA process is, there is always something that will pass through the multiple checkpoints you’ve put up.

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Big brands do mess up on Facebook:

Chapstick Facebook FailImage Source 

It just goes to show that that mistakes can happen some of the best and most experienced social media teams on the planet.

Learning from Other form of Quality Assurance

For a paid search campaign, you export the campaign and have a review. For an SEO campaign, you’d likely put the site up on a staging server and review it before it goes live. Unfortunately, there is no staging server for the Facebook news feed. Sure, you can see pending posts, but there is something about seeing things like that, turns the QA part of peoples’ brains into overdrive. Also, with a live news feed you’ll also see engagement through likes, comments, and shares.

For Facebook QA, I’ve figured out a way to create a dedicated feed for the Facebook pages you manage. So that means no ads, no posts from friends, or other pages you’ve liked — only posts from the pages you manage.

Let’s get into it!

How to Create a Dedicated Feed of the Facebook Pages you Manage

Step 1: Login to Facebook.com on your desktop. On the left-hand navigation, you’ll notice a bunch of different buttons and categories.

  • Favorites
  • Pages
  • Groups
  • Friends
  • Apps
  • Interests
  • Events

The latter three should look something like this.

interests in facebook page

Step 2: Hover over “INTERESTS” and click “More.”

You’ll then be taken to the interests page. From here, click the button “+ Add Interests”


Step 3: You’ll now be taken the “Add Interests.” Once you’re there, click the button “+ Create List.” As seen below:

special news feed for topics

Step 4: This is the fun part and where it all comes together!

Before you begin this step, you’ll need to compile a list of all the social media pages you manage.

creating facebook page list

Step 5: Start adding the pages you manage by searching for them!


Do this for every page you manage, then come back and check it for 10 minutes each morning or at different points throughout the day. You’ll rest assured each social post is the way you want it and that you can potentially catch errors before they are seen by your fanbase.

At our Internet marketing agency TechWyse, we have each account managers do this for all their social clients. It’s a last line of QA that keeps posts running smoothly. Plus, it’s a valid reason to use Facebook at work 🙂

I hope this helps you and if you have any questions or tips about how you QA your posts feel free to leave them in the comments and if you found the post useful, please don’t forget to share it!

P.S. This feed is also available on the Facebook app. Just slide out the more menu on the bottom right corner and scroll down until you see feeds.

P.P.S. You can use Interest Feeds to create feeds of specific interests you have, whether is all about soccer/football or your favourite bands. It’s a great way to escape the Facebook algorithm. Enjoy!


Post By Steve Toth (120 Posts)

Steve is an industry recognized SEO expert who has been published in Moz. He is an audiophile and loves all things internet marketing. Steve enjoys working on the conceptual side of SEO.


Steve is an industry recognized SEO expert who has been published in Moz. He is an audiophile and loves all things internet marketing. Steve enjoys working on the conceptual side of SEO.
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How To Monitor 100 Facebook Pages In 10 Minutes

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