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Why Keyword Research is Essential for Your Website

Search Engine Optimization September 26th, 2012


Everything that encompasses search engine optimization centers on having the right keywords. In order to determine which keywords are right for your business, you have to do what is called keyword research. You cannot simply set up a website and expect it to draw mounds of traffic, it doesn’t work that way. Having a website that is aesthetically pleasing is certainly important, but it is not the cornerstone of your web presence. In order to enhance your website, you must establish your presence by utilizing key marketing strategies – one of which is keyword research.

One of the most important factors of doing business online is knowing who your target audience and your industry is. Should you envision starting a blog, what you choose to write about shouldn’t focus on the entire spectrum of an industry. Rather, centralize your topic to your target audience, which will allow them to find you easier.

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One of the best tools on the Internet is the Google Free Keyword Tool – it costs you nothing and offers you everything you wanted to know about what people are looking for. You can use this to determine what to centralize your blog on, for example – “Tips for starting my own business.” Now, you have a blog centered on starting your own business and offering readers insight on how to succeed and what mistakes to avoid. Furthermore, your passion for the subject must flow through. Otherwise, you are simply writing and wasting space because you simply don’t care. Choose a topic that you love to write about and your passion will shine through and inspire your readers. That is what keeps them coming back for more.

Now that you have chosen a blog topic, you need to use the keyword tool to find out what specific terms people are looking for within the niche that you choose. Using the above example, you can narrow down by subject matter. Starting your own business requires a lot of information and you can brainstorm what YOU would search for to get an idea. When doing your research, it is a good thing to choose keywords that rank low or medium. This means that they have a lower amount of competition, and thus, you have a higher chance of success.

Your keywords should also be specific and detailed – you do not want to use general keywords – it will not help you rank and Google will likely pass you over. Long tail keywords are by far, more effective than short tail keywords. A long tail keyword example in the above niche would be “accounting tips for starting my own business.” Choose a small list of keywords – say between 6 and 10 to start off with. Once you have these keywords established and building traffic, then you can add more into your repertoire.
Putting your keywords to use can be done in several ways – the most common way is to write articles containing the keywords. Do not oversaturate your articles with keywords, they will be ranked as spam and will not work in your favor. Instead focus on a density between 2% and 3% for best results.

On-page SEO is different than off-page SEO. With on-page SEO, you want to use the keywords in the title, meta tags, alternate text and anchor text. This will allow search engines to see your keywords within your site content. Off-page SEO involves building up quality backlinks – ones that are attached to solid informational pieces, rather than just distributed everywhere. The more backlinks you have, the better off you are and the higher your ranking on Google will be. You want to strive to reach page 1 of the search results – otherwise, your business or blog is likely to be overlooked.

There are many aspects of SEO – not just keyword insertion. To learn more subscribe to my ebook Internet marketing and learn how you can make your business prominent today.


Post By Lola Sosanya (1 Posts)

For more information visit Lola Sosanya's blog at www.inspiretheentrepreneur.com


For more information visit Lola Sosanya's blog at www.inspiretheentrepreneur.com
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Why Keyword Research is Essential for Your Website

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