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Swine Flu Searches Confirm The Long Tail SEO Trend

Search Engine Optimization May 6th, 2009


The Long Tail SEO TrendYou may wonder – In the internet marketing world what connects the ‘Swine Flu’ and SEO? They are as different as chalk and cheese, you might think. But  don’t be surprised to learn that  there is some relation between them.  No, I am not going to talk about ‘swine flu’ or H1N1 virus.

Last week as many know, the world has witnessed the spreading of yet another epidemic – ‘swine flu’ with Mexico as the point of origin. Obviously millions have searched for information about this lethal disease. It is very interesting how they’re using search phrases for getting information.  Its long tails, and its lot longer than the ones we were familiar with!  Can you guess how many keywords they’re typing in their search? Three or four? 

Webpronews has a detailed report on these multi-worded key terms, and the longest one has nine words.

This gives evidence to the posts that are seen in this blog itself relating to long tail keyword strategy.  People generally type more words to find out more specific and detailed information.  SEO gets correspondingly more complex to meet the search trends of  new breed of sophisticated searchers, but also more speedily rewarding.    A more specific search visitor is a higher converting one!

What Does The ‘Swine Flu’ Example Show Us?

  • Longer search queries are being used widely.
  • Searchers are getting more specific and astute.
  • Search engine optimization and long tail theory gain creedance.
  • SEO strategy continues its evolution.

So marketers have to change their SEO strategies to match specific customer needs.

it is high time that we target our search engine optimization strategies as long tail SEO and a more sophisticated searcher comes upon us.

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Swine Flu Searches Confirm The Long Tail SEO Trend

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