Swine Flu Searches Confirm The Long Tail SEO Trend

Swine Flu Searches Confirm The Long Tail SEO Trend

The Long Tail SEO TrendYou may wonder - In the internet marketing world what connects the 'Swine Flu' and SEO? They are as different as chalk and cheese, you might think. But  don’t be surprised to learn that  there is some relation between them.  No, I am not going to talk about 'swine flu' or H1N1 virus.

Last week as many know, the world has witnessed the spreading of yet another epidemic - ‘swine flu’ with Mexico as the point of origin. Obviously millions have searched for information about this lethal disease. It is very interesting how they're using search phrases for getting information.  Its long tails, and its lot longer than the ones we were familiar with!  Can you guess how many keywords they're typing in their search? Three or four? 

Webpronews has a detailed report on these multi-worded key terms, and the longest one has nine words.

This gives evidence to the posts that are seen in this blog itself relating to long tail keyword strategy.  People generally type more words to find out more specific and detailed information.  SEO gets correspondingly more complex to meet the search trends of  new breed of sophisticated searchers, but also more speedily rewarding.    A more specific search visitor is a higher converting one!

What Does The 'Swine Flu' Example Show Us?

  • Longer search queries are being used widely.
  • Searchers are getting more specific and astute.
  • Search engine optimization and long tail theory gain creedance.
  • SEO strategy continues its evolution.

So marketers have to change their SEO strategies to match specific customer needs.

it is high time that we target our search engine optimization strategies as long tail SEO and a more sophisticated searcher comes upon us.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    The beauty about long tail keywords is that you generally get a lower CPC. I find that if you’re trying to get more out of an existing budget all it takes is expanding the keyword list to include long tail keywords.

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    Another implication of Long tail is content development needs to be given a new approach. But the moot question is that if the long tails convert or not, whether the long tail queries are just information seeking ones or are they being used to really take any “desired action.” Ultimately, it’s the conversions that matter, aren’t they?

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    Revealing post! The use of longer search queries clearly reflects the shift in the searcher behaviour. He now demands exact information in the least possible time. And as the post says, as queries get longer SEO strategies also are in for a makeover.

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    What a correlation!!!!!!!!!
    The long tail SEO theory was proved long back.
    Ofcourse, the new breed of searchers will go to any extent to get the exact information.

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    The general trend among web users is to use more specific search terms so as to receive the most appropriate and relevant search result. This is also backed by several current findings. Your support for use of long tail keywords by web masters to optimize sites is rather timely.

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    As “Swine Flu”is the most searched topic on net these days this example suits explaining the importance of long tail keyword strategy which I have personally experienced to be the best option in returning more detailed and specific search results; all the more this plays a vital role in determining our conversions.

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    Swine flu has made a serious dent on the already sinking economy, thousands of people are suffering from this killer disease. But don’t you know there is a benefited segment -they’re ‘black hatters’, when we search for information related to swine flu, we’re leading directly to their sites with a long list of information sites. Beware, majority of them are porn sites. Now I understood very much the adage ‘fishing in troubled waters!’

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    Yea, as per recent stats most of the searchers are using longer long-tails. Searchers want to get leaded directly to the right site without spending much time, so long tails will be further elongated in the coming days and sure SEO field is going to be more challenging…

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