Google’s Viewpoint On Earning Quality Links!

Google’s Viewpoint On Earning Quality Links!

Google's Viewpoint On Earning Quality Links!Today I am going to share with you some effective SEO Link Quality tips. Earlier in the year, Google shared us its official Link Quality stance with their 'SEO Report Card'. This time in a recent blog post, Google has shared its viewpoints on the quality of links to your site. Though Google's main focal point was towards novice webmasters, it also had a few strong points for SEO strategists too.

Google Search Quality Strategist Kaspar Szymanski says that,

It's important to clarify that any legitimate link building strategy is a long-term effort. There are those who advocate for short-lived, often spammy methods, but these are not advisable if you care for your site's reputation. Buying PageRank-passing links or randomly exchanging links are the worst ways of attempting to gather links and they're likely to have no positive impact on your site's performance over time. If your site's visibility in the Google index is important to you it's best to avoid them.”

Some tips for improving Link Quality on Google:

Tip 1- Leveraging Social Media

This is the first step to engage your site and services to the online community. This includes participating and contributing in blogs and forums. Google reiterates that engaging your online community via Social Media is the best way to get quality links.

Quality of content is a strong factor in deciding your status in the world of Social Media. Also, it’s a powerful way for building reputation online. This can be represented graphically as:

Quality Links

Tip 2-Providing Helpful Content

Google suggests us to create content which solves potential problems. Such content can be created via tutorials, PowerPoint presentations, surveys, practical tools, research findings, and videos. Users who find this worthy will spread it among other community members and friends. This ultimately gains you reputation and credibility. Yet another great way to automatically obtain quality links!

Tip 3- Offer Entertaining Content

Creating entertaining content allows a very good chance for your Internet Presence to go ‘Viral. Since more and more humorous and entertaining content is winning the hearts of online users (I would like to mention the most famous video on Youtube Charlie bits my finger) this would be a slippery terrain for companies and professional service providers.

Tip 4- Submitting To Topical Directories

Google suggests webmasters to focus on submitting to directories which are topical and well-structured.

Summing up, Google sends a strong signal to webmasters and SEO offpage specialists to always focus on giving importance to the quality of links pointing to your site.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    Quality = relevant rather than quality = PR ranked or quality is a good point, Asha.
    It does take time and effort to do, but it means there is little to fear from Google changing the algorithms form time to time…

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    Among the things you've pointed here relevancy is the most important factor to consider in back link building. Rest are secondary.  No use of getting a back link from a technology targeted forum having high PR and huge online popularity  for your site selling woman's fragrances.  The basic bit of 'quality' counts more in rating your site.  So don't count for quantity in your back link building exercise, instead always look for quality!

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    Very good info. I would truly agree on this point of earning quality links than just any  links, as it involves effort in finding the relevant ones that would help you in driving traffic and earn reputation. Asha, do we need to consider factors like relevance, page rank, alexa rank and title of the page where you would link you website.

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    You said it Right. I have seen many website claiming to provide thousands of back links to your website by paying them money. I definitely think these are not legitimate ways for gaining traffic. Even thought if these methods deliver traffic at the initial stage, it may harm your reputation in the future.  Quality Content is the Key that provides genuine traffic to your website.

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