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Appraise Your Site With Google’s SEO Report Card

Search Engine Optimization March 4th, 2010


Appraise Your Site With Google's SEO Report Card Considering Google’s popularity and huge search market share most webmasters focus their web sites optimization for Google search only. There is no prescribed standard for search engine optimization where one can find the precise do’s and don’ts in optimizing websites. Now Google has given us access to its own SEO Report Card which analyzes the SEO value of Google products. This PDF formatted SEO Report Card is a wonderful resource to webmasters and internet marketing companies engaged in SEO services as well.

The Report Card is written by Brandon Falls the same Google employee who had crafted out the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

The Report Card is a successful attempt in gaining knowledge in the following areas:

  • Tells us accepted optimization standards.
  • How to make users find pages easily in search engines.
  • Suggests staying away from user distracting acts that deter site’s performance in search engines.
  • Helps to improve web pages from both search engine and user’s perspective. (because the co-exist equally)

The report gives suggestions and examples for fixing the issues covering many topics including broken links, URL structure, titles/metas and onpage content. The report card falls into three parts:




Subject I: Search result presentation

  • Title tag format and length
  • Description meta tag use
  • Google sitelink triggering
  • Appealing Google sitelinks
  • Clear main page result on Google

Subject II: URLs and redirects

  • Directory form
  • Convert to subdomain form
  • Subdomain form
  • Convert to directory form
  • https:// in canonical

Subject III: Onpage optimization

  • Heading tag use
  • <h1> tag use
  • Logo image link destination
  • Logo image alt text
  • Descriptive internal anchor text

The project looked at the main pages of 100 different Google products, measuring them across a dozen common optimization categories. Future iterations of the project might look at deeper Google product web pages as well as international ones. It is time to validate and appraise SEO efforts using this valuable check up card!

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Appraise Your Site With Google’s SEO Report Card

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