Everything You Need to Know About Google Core Update September 2019

Google Core Update September 2019

Did you know that Google rolled out another update recently? It's no surprise to us as we all know for a fact that Google continually updates its algorithms for quality search and ranking. This new update, aptly named "September 2019 Core Update," rolled out in September 2019, and is their third global update this year. The update followed the recently-established tradition of Google announcing their update a few days before rollout. Even before it officially kickstarted on all of Google's data centers, information surrounding the update is now pouring in!

So, what’s changed? Who was affected?

Here, you will find out everything to know about Google's September 2019 Core Update.

What Is the Google "Core" Update?

Google is continuously updating, and recently, they revealed the extensive scope of its frequency. With many alterations made to the search system by Google, we can expect updates daily. Most of them being granular modifications targeting specific bug, spam methods, and overall user-friendliness!

Google Core Update

Source: Search Metrics

When Google makes an essential change to its algorithm, it is called a core update. Earlier in the year, they confirmed and recommended a name for the March 2019 core update immediately after its rollout. During the summer, Google announced the June 2019 core update before rolling it out.

This practice was followed by the Google September 2019 Core Update, which was initially announced on the 24th of September via Twitter.

Generally, Google rolls out four of these core updates every year (around one per quarter), each one with the ability to change the dynamics of even the most SEO-anchored websites!

When Google's core updates come into play, marketers usually tend to get worried about the rankings and panic—don't! As we will see with this update, Google going back and correcting the ranking list!


Rather than worrying about these updates, we must be able to think outside-the-box, adapt, and formulate bigger, better, and bolder content, which can be tough! But let's face it, what is life without challenges? So, as marketers, we must be able to find ways to adapt and dominate rankings with exceptional SEO strategies.

How do core updates affect search rankings?

With every Google core update, there will be significant variations perceived in the search rankings. Many websites will observe increased rankings, higher click-through-rates, and greater overall traffic, while others will witness a significant drop in ranking and traffic shrinking.

Many websites won't notice any difference. Mostly, Google core update impact specific keyword clusters. So, people with news websites and lifestyle websites may see major impacts during an update.

SEO marketing now requires fluid strategies and continuous enthusiasm to learn and adapt. Google continues adjusting its core algorithms to maintain quality search, and every update (even the small ones) can significantly impact your rank!


Google's September 2019 Core Update: Analysis

Google has adopted a new communication approach for its updates this year. The Google September Core Update was announced on the 24th of September, accompanied by a name suggestion.

After the implementation of the September Core Update 2019, Mozcast, a ranking tracker, recorded a high level of turnover on this date and variations in SERPs more than usual. Users reported changes in the Webmasterworld forum.

Many websites that saw a radical rank drop during the July 2019 Core Update have now restored to regular ranking with this latest update. Sistrix, a creator of SEO tools and modules, showed a significant variation in rankings portrayed through analysis on who all were affected positively and negatively from the update.

Marked Safe

Source: Search Engine Journal 

The update has brought significant volatility. The categories impacted so far are health, travel, and money. However, it hasn't targeted any specific category. Some websites will most likely observe rank hits!

What Webmasters and SEO Experts Can Do With the Update

If your rankings drop significantly after an update, it doesn't mean you have violated Google's webmaster guidelines or have been subjected to any manual or algorithmic action! The modifications are more focused on improving the evaluation of your content.


Source: Search Engine Land

According to Google, these changes mean that websites previously unfairly looked upon, or not given the credit they deserved, now function better and vice versa. Here's an example of how these Google updates work: If we take the list of top 50 films published in 2013, we will see that by 2019, the list has completely altered as new films have released. The way we look at older films will also change gradually!

One of the top priorities, according to Google, is content, and so it is crucial to deliver quality content for a better ranking. While auditing a website, Google suggests considering questions based on the four aspects:

  • Content Quality- Does your site offer original, quality content that is not copied from elsewhere? Do your page title and description reflect the content? Is your content appealing enough for a general audience?
  • Expertise- Is your content trustworthy? Does your page have any errors? As a webmaster, if you arrive at the page via Google search, would you trust the website you find?
  • Presentation- Does the page load correctly on all devices? Does the content seem to be well organized and executed? Are there too many ads?
  • Comparison- Does the website add value in comparison to competitors? Does the content meet the user's expectations?


Google does not provide any clear-cut, universal solutions regarding Core Updates. For any update analysis, we stress that variations in rankings and SEO visibility aren't always a direct consequence of the update. It is best for webmasters if they try to answer these questions honestly and compare their website alongside competition, with a specific focus on content quality.

If you have observed changes in your website as a consequence of the Google update, then we would be happy to hear from you via the comments under this blog post!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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