Enterprise Level SEO Tactics On How To Optimize Large Sites

Enterprise Level SEO Tactics On How To Optimize Large Sites

Businesses based primarily on e-commerce platforms have seen a steep increase in competition in the past five years.  More people shop on a variety of popular e-commerce platforms, and a few widely publicized SNAFUs on major e-commerce sites have made many online shoppers more vigilant before making a purchase.

In addition, businesses based on online auction platforms have more incentive to make their products highly visible to promote bidding wars.  Given the broad nature of many popular e-commerce platforms, enterprise SEO extends far beyond keyword selection.  In addition to relevant keywords, SEOs on e-commerce platforms need to consider the following:

  • Pricing and features related to pricing such as potential auction strategies.
  • Variables related to shipping such as free shipping, local pickup, international shipping, etc.
  • What product features searchers care about such as color, size, specs, etc.

Along with the addition of more variables to enterprise SEO strategies, there are often more search options and other ways to redirect traffic to a specific store on an e-commerce site.

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Considerations with Trial and Error

Working with SEO in the capacity of search engines of PPC campaigns is more forgiving than enterprise SEO.  Making an impulsive choice in the context of enterprise SEO could easily cost thousands.  For example, research might show that people would do almost anything for free international shipping.  However, offering free international shipping could set a business up for a significant fiscal loss as well as a huge headache when dealing with various forms, significant lag time, and unhappy customers caught in the crossfire of items clearing customs. It is important to think about enterprise SEO as a hybrid between more traditional SEO techniques combined with the finite profit margins essential to the lifespan and overall success of a business.

How to Effectively Execute Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO works best with a multidisciplinary approach.  In the past, the manager of an e-commerce branch for a company could often use listing programs such as Blackthorne to make the entire production a one-man show.  Today, it is essential that enterprise SEOs work as part of a marketing team that includes the manager of the department, a representative from sales, and a representative from accounting.

Write your Own Algorithms

Enterprise SEOs no longer have the luxury of being able to effectively sell a certain product with confidence.  One solution is to write and rewrite unique algorithms tailored to your industry to boost ROI.  For example, an enterprise SEO might notice that people purchase online clothing based on brand rather than type (e.g. “BCBG dress” instead of “party dress”).  It is possible to periodically take a representative sample of what clothing brands sell for the most and sell the most often and rank different items on a scale of 1-10, not unlike Google AdWords scores.  What variables in any given algorithm can be unique and created on common programs, such as Excel.  These algorithm scores can help guide pricing, quantity of items listed, determine weight of keywords, and other enterprise tactics related to SEO.

To Sum It Up

Enterprise SEO is markedly different than SEO for search engines.  The fiscal risk can be higher, a multidisciplinary approach can be beneficiary, and the different variables allow for SEOs to exercise more ingenuity and less guesswork.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    I would like to see more specifics on this important topic. How does a manager KNOW that the dress has to be renamed? What tells him that?

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    From the name itself, dealing with high-end sites and businesses definitely requires extraordinary efforts.
    Trial error is important but as what the article implied, one should be careful with such strategy because dealing with large sites is expensive.
    Very well written piece of content.

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