5 Reasons You Should Invest in Reputation Protection

5 Reasons You Should Invest in Reputation Protection

The disgruntled former employee or colleague makes an unpleasant comment about your company. That one particular customer who just could not be pleased – no matter what lengths you were willing to go to make it right.  A blog reference about your company – written by the competition.


Is this what you want to pop up when a potential client does a quick Google search? There are, indeed, ways that your online reputation can be adversely effected, and until recently, once it was out there in cyberspace, there wasn’t a whole lot you could do about it. But now there is.

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Reflect upon the many reasons to consider using a free or paid service to protect your greatest asset: your reputation.


If you take some precautionary measures, your hard work, positive outcomes, and years of service can and will rise to the top of the screen. That’s right where you want to be found.

Online reputation protection is as important to your company as your home insurance or health care policy is to you. It’s a form of insurance, and it’s worth it. Most people who conduct on online search look at the results from the first page. You want that first page to carry all that is good and right about you or your organization, and that’s where this service can be incredibly helpful.


No one and no company is perfect. But with some online reputation protection, the negative content can be pushed further down in the search results. It’s all right if there has been some “negative,” because these are truly opportunities for you to showcase your customer service and problem resolution skills.

But these are not the results that you want your customers or buyers to see first. The negative words won’t disappear, but through applying certain methods of online reputation management, they can be harder to find so that the good stuff rises to the top. And it should.

Increase Visibility

Your online reputation management will create fresh, unique content for your website, and they will post it often. Newly updated materials rise to the top, as well. Keeping useful, innovative ideas flowing into your blog or website will assist in maintaining strong and positive SEO results.

To Err Is Human

Online reputation protection isn’t just for companies. It is important for individuals, as well.

HR starts with a quick online search almost every time they are in the beginning phases of hiring someone. Think about what could come up about you. These results can catapult you into a new job or career – or be solely responsible for you not even being offered an interview.

One HR manager recently shared a story about a potential hire who had a stellar resume. A quick search revealed some recent photos of some workplace shenanigans that were posted on Facebook. He didn’t even get an interview. If he was willing to behave in such an appalling way at his old job, what would stop him from behaving that way in the new place? The tough reality is that he probably never even knew why he didn’t get the chance to engage with an interviewer about his excellent results in sales. What a shame.

“It Takes 20 Minutes to Build a Reputation, and Five Minutes to Ruin It”

Mr. Warren Buffet said it best. (Though, in this day and age, those five minutes might need to be reduced to “twenty characters” or “one sound bite.”)

The truth is, in seconds, a piece of false or damaging information can hit the virtual world and cause quite a commotion. If you are not even aware that unflattering and potentially detrimental words are being written about you, how can you protect yourself from that fallout?

Without some form of online reputation protection, it is virtually impossible to keep track of all that can be said. You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Protect that investment, and consider doing some SEO and ORM research on which method will best keep your right where you need to be: at the top.

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    This sounds very true to life in my line of work too. I work as an English teacher abroad and there are a limited amount of people who apply for these jobs in my area and only a few websites where they gather, so some employers will check for obvious aliases on those websites and may ask around the community. Something you said that was taken the wrong way might get back to the wrong person and completely ruin your chances, while a good reputation can help.
    I do very similar to this idea by creating useful things such as learning games and having my name on them, so people are more likely to find that than anything else – or even have previously seen them from other teachers using them. Anything I wouldn’t want getting back to anyone who knows it’s me, is posted by another username.
    It’s interesting to know that such a similar tactic can be used by companies.

  • avatar


    I never heard about reputation protection before. But that definitely makes sense, if 50 cent can make a stock company grow millions with a single tweet, he probably could do the opposite.

  • avatar

    Nice, good advice for webmasters. Reputation is indeed important, especially online where there is a high level in anonymity and reputation is the best way to determine a site’s credibility. I would just like to know: How do you go about protecting your online reputation?

  • avatar
    S.L Diamond 


    You know what, I would have put that much thought in getting protection, but what your saying makes sense and perhaps this information is not only applicable in the business world, but my life outside of that as well. This has definitely given me pause for thought. Solid post, thanks.

  • avatar

    Great tips throughout this article. Your online reputation is probably the most important thing you have if you are in Internet Marketing. If you get tarnished then it would ruin your business.
    The online protection was something I didn’t know about. I think that would be a great addition to any business.

  • avatar

    “Online reputation protection isn’t just for companies. It is important for individuals, as well.”
    This is so true. I didn’t know about online reputation protection until now, but I got interested in it while I read this article. I guess we really need to protect our reputations, much more so now that it’s too easy to spread gossips and negative feedback about something over the internet.

  • avatar

    I often wonder how this sort of thing can be combated by small business owners. Anyone can hop on Yelp or Google Reviews and leave false scathing comments about your organization. I think investment in a brand protection service is well worth it in these days, especially with all the social media hacking that has been going on as of late.

  • avatar


    Pretty good advice, I’ll have to apply these tips, not just online, but also in my daily life.

  • avatar


    Great and helpful tips.
    Being labelled with a bad reputation is easily the best way to get ignored by visitors and buyers alike. They want to know you’re trustworthy, so earn their trust!

  • avatar

    It’s unfortunate how easily people can tarnish a company or individuals reputation with the various methods found throughout the internet. I love the quote you posted by Warren Buffet, and of course with your addition of “in 20 characters”. It’s not far from the truth. Luckily a lot of the popular websites that take reviews and customer experiences about different companies require some kind of explanation and approval process before the review is published, but of course there are dozens if not hundreds of other ways to negatively impact the reputation of almost anything/anyone. Nice article, I probably won’t invest any money into reputation protection soon, but if I ever achieve success with one of my brands then it will be something considered for sure.

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