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The Importance of Reputation Management in Link Building

Search Engine Optimization July 12th, 2012


Reputation management for your online business is all about monitoring your brand reputation on the search engine result pages. Today, a lot of potential customers use the Internet to search for information regarding products and services or comparing similar products and services offered by a number of online stores.

How can reputation management help boost the chances of directing potential customers to your site? How can we use reputation management to increase the possibility of having our sites picked by search engines, appearing on the first page of search results?

To ensure that your products and services are at the top of search results, your search engine presence, for both of your keywords and company name, must be strong enough to dominate other sites that offer products and services similar to yours.

Some of your competitors may use unfair practices like spreading negative stuff about your brand on online forums. Having your brand at the top of search results through optimization efforts will allow you to maintain a positive reputation. Potential customers would see and read your marketing content and reviews first over the negative posts of your online detractors.

Optimized Press Releases

Google tends to prioritize press releases. These articles are well prepared and newsworthy write ups from the brand owner’s company. Here are some suggestions in writing an optimized press release:

  • Include your company name and your product or service throughout the body of your press release.
  • Add targeted keywords in your press release that will likely serve best your optimization goal.
  • The press release content should also include industry trends that are being addressed by your business, how to guides, and some testimonials.
  • Make SEO checks on your press releases and every activity that concerns public relations.
  • Aside from an optimized content, link your press release to sites within your niche. Sites with high PageRank are also good targets for building links.
  • You can hire a link builder to do these tasks for you. In doing so, the authority of your release content, which is properly optimized with keywords, will surely create a positive impact on your products and services.

Improving Your Position on Search Engine Result Pages

Social Networking

Social networking profiles can help your brand gain more exposure. You can create company profiles on Linkedln, Facebook, Twitter, or on industry-specific social network media such as Pazap.com for book trading and Pairup.com for business travelers. Your company profiles on these social networks would boost your web presence. You may post your press releases on your social media pages as well.

Guest Blogging

You can also do guest blogging in order to expand your network and be popular in your niche. Writing articles about your niche and posting them to blog sites will make you an authority on the subject. Besides that, your company, products and services will be optimized.


Lastly, you can create a Wikipedia page for your company.  Wikipedia pages always rank well, giving your business higher exposure online.

Link building for your site will boost the search engine visibility of your brand. You can hire a link builder to get links to your site through directory and article submissions, and press release distribution.

Post By Joel (1 Posts)

Joel writes about brand reputation and how proper link building can help maintain, even increase, your business presence online.


Joel writes about brand reputation and how proper link building can help maintain, even increase, your business presence online.
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The Importance of Reputation Management in Link Building

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