Improve Landing Page Conversion Rate

Improve Landing Page Conversion Rate

How to Juice up Landing Page Conversion Rate

Landing Page Conversion Rate In marketing and email marketing there must always be a way of measuring conversion. With affiliate marketing and pay per click campaigns the page the visitor lands on must have a clickable item with a clear call to action. This page is a page where the visitor is looking for the next step. Where is your big red bull flaring his nostrils? For effective online advertising the easiest way to understand the concept is the big red bull and conversion rate are best friends on your landing page. A media professional will always ensure visitors can quickly scan and arrive at the magic 5 second decision to move through the funnel to conversion.

Can You Build Pages For Behavioral Targeting?

Yes you absolutely can. Find the information you need and get a good idea on geo targeting of your PPC or online advertising program. Targeting capabilities in a network such as Google AdWords, Yahoo Marketing, Bing Ad Center, or Facebook have differences in the way you can target your campaigns.

How Do Landing Pages and the Buying Process Relate?

  • How do people find your website?
  • Do they go directly to it?
  • Is it driven by PPC?
  • Did they arrive from a search engine?
  • Did another website refer someone to you?
  • What keyword did they enter to begin your artistcally crafted conversion process?

These are only a few questions to ask yourself before you decide what very important items are missing from your design strategy for converting visitors to action. To discover what is preventing visitors from reaching the next level a quick study of website analytics can provide all you need for optimizing your landing page.

Try Split Testing Landing Pages

Running an AB test experiment with Google Website Optimizer will allow you to see what landing page version performs best. You will reap the benefits of your online marketing efforts quickly by taking a look at every element of your goal funnel and landing page. Landing page conversion rates will quickly rise when you experiment with landing page design. You cannot argue with statistics that tell you how to convert an opportunity into a call-to-action. This method of maximizing ROI on PPC is a revolution in improving online conversion rates.

Landing Pages Are Unique To Each Campaign

Page conversion rates are quickly decided by a means to an end exercising usability and best practices. The global navigation you may typically find on the main pages of your site on every page is not the great idea for your landing pages. A visitor will first arrive after seeing your advertising online then end up on your buying decision process accelerator page that will engage and convince them to take your desired action. Perfect, works every time right? Well, not exactly, landing page conversions actually occur when you reach the reticular activator in the brain of your visitor. As an analyst I can tell you that no 2 situations are identical but there are some similarities. Site conversion rates are a larger metric to look at that will illustrate the uniqueness of each site at a glance.

Landing Page Conversion Rate Quick Reference Guide

"When the keyword is included at the beginning of the title and within the description, users rate the quality of the site 60% higher." Source: AC Neilson

Prescriptions for Improving Pay Per Click Spending

Paying a lot in CPC and Low ROI

  • Examine landing
  • Use keyword Match types: bid on phrase, exact and broad
  • Find more negative keywords
  • Change ad copy: clear, to the point, tell them what you want them to do
  • Lower bids

CTR is Low

  • Introduce multiple ads
  • Expand ads that have a higher CTR
  • Look at demographic targeting
  • Improve ad relevance using a clear specific offer unique selling proposition or call-to-action
  • Delete non performers
  • For Static ads try Capitalizing the first letter in keywords and ad copy
  • Use {Dynamic Keywords} in ad title, display URL or description
  • Better keyword Themes
  • Examine keywords relevancy compared to ad copy
  • In Match types you can use phrase match, exact match broad match or add negative keywords

Conversion Rate is Low

  • The best-performing ads and keywords receive highest bids
  • Adjust landing pages

Not Enough Traffic?

  • Try broad match keyword matching
  • Loosen up on Geographical Targeting
  • Focus keyword phrases
  • Add related keywords
  • Improve page position by increasing bids

Low Ad Position

  • Change ad copy relevancy and keywords
  • Introduce Dynamic text: {keyword}
  • Raise bid

Inserting the exact keyword into a paid listing improves CTR by 38% on average.

When you are at the goal fulfillment process it can be seen as a teeter tooter where the Landing Page Conversion Rate is the center of the fulcrum. Once you hit the right buttons in the mind of your valued visitor the teeter tooter begins to tip towards the side of conversion.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    Another great way to increase your landing page conversions is to make the headline include the Exact Keyword Phrase that the customer searched for. How to you do that with Adwords PPC campaign? Simple, use Dynamic Keyword Insertion to put the search term as querystring parameter on your Adwords Destination URL. Then you’ll have the exact phrase at your disposal.

  • avatar

    Yes, landing pages make a good impact. In fact its always good to be thoughtful as to what you want to give the visitors. The emphasis is what makes visit your site for a good conversion.

  • avatar

    “marketing success owes much to good website designs”
    Yes indeed and web designs should always take usability into account, but many don’t!

  • avatar

    Hi Martin
    My comments basically are not at the same as yours. Don’t get me wrong. What I tried to convey was that online marketing success owes much to good website designs. And for a well designed website, a call to action’is a must. That’s all. 🙂

  • avatar

    I was just watching a vid on another well rounded tool from Google
    Conversion Optimizer

  • avatar

    What I really like about landing pages is when we can run Website Optimizer and do experiments. 🙂

  • avatar

    Hi Robert,
    A visitor wants something from our landing page? I think the right answer to the visitors motivation is the keyword query. Am I right? So every landing page must convey WIIFM (whats in it for me) aspect of visitors, rather than eye candy. Result is guaranteed conversions!! As you have pointed uniqueness’ is also a major criterion with this. Good points Robert!

  • avatar

    Exactly Robert, landing page design experimentation improves conversion rates! Different visitors have varied questions and motivations. So I think it is a better idea to design unique landing pages for Google, MSN and Yahoo to meet X, Y, Z tends of users. Using Website Optimizer its easy to measure experiments and see which variables help improve conversion.

  • avatar


    Hi Frank
    From my own experience, I have found that several websites with good content and attractive designs still fail to make money. What generally stands out in all these, is a poor call to action, a lack of proper guidance on the steps to be followed. A proper call to action in a website design is what counts, and I stick by it.

  • avatar

    Hi Robert
    I feel that we need to get our basics right. A poor ROI, low CTR, low conversions etc are all merely the outcome of an ineffective landing page design. Online marketing success is a corollary of a well designed landing page.

  • avatar


    Hi Robert. The failure of a large number of commercial websites to ensure conversions and draw in money can be traced to their inability to have a clear call to action- That, visitors should be properly guided to the next step through this call to action is the vital ingredient of any good website design. As the saying goes, well begun is half done.

  • avatar

    Hi Robert,
    Your landing page teeter tooter shoots from the hip. Nice pointers. Landing pages and its top nav links make or sink conversions. Before converting the end goal you target for your website-Macro conversion, a visitor has to cross several micro conversions points in your sales funnel. Most websites concentrate on the end goal-that’s final conversion, ignoring the relevant small conversion pointers between them. Your post is a kick starter for all conversion goal re-setters. Figure out the ultimate goal and then understand what people want to read to get to that end goal – step by step!

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