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Google, Yahoo! or Bing – Who Has The Best Cost Per Conversion – A Study

Pay Per Click June 11th, 2008



Msn, Google, Yahoo

As a big fan of internal statistical studies done in Internet Marketing I always enjoy when our team at TechWyse uncover findings that are not regularly reported amongst the big search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. The purpose of this short article is to tell you about a recent study we recently conducted relating to conversion rates in paid search accounts for Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search and Bing AdCenter. While in my opinion the results are not as conclusive as I usually like (because of the size of the test market) I do believe that it provides some good information to chew on.

In our test we looked at the overall cost per conversion on identical pay per click campaigns on all the paid search platforms. Want to know the findings? Well here goes…

After reviewing the total amounts spent on accounts and reviewing the total cost per conversions, here is the findings of our study:

Which Paid Search platform offers the best Cost Per Conversion?

1. Bing

2. Google – 24% on average higher than Bing per conversion

3. Yahoo! – 56% on average high than Bing per conversion


MsnBing – We were generally impressed with the fantastic conversion rates brought in by Bing searchers. In almost every case Bing seems to have better overall cost per conversion. Why? Some factors we have determined are that searchers are generally older, less internet savvy and in many cases are likely using search engines as much as many other users. The searcher, in many cases may be using the search function as part of many of Bing’s partner sites and has a user base that wants to get straight down to business.

GoogleGoogle – quite typically we find them the middle of the road for CPA. We were very pleased with these results and in reality they were not that far off from Bing adCenter. Continued development of clickfraud tools will help both Google and users.

YahooYahoo! This also confirmed our own company belief that Yahoo! lags behind considerably in terms of bringing in qualified leads for its Paid Search clients. Many things could be attributed to this including:


  • Yahoo! may have suspect click fraud detection.
  • Yahoo! searchers may be more tech savvy and a higher degree of ‘tire kickers’.
  • Yahoo! itself seems to be having some huge internal issues with its Paid Search platform including unreported downtime, and quesionable interface issues. (Yes we have first hand experience with these issues!)


Which Pay Per Click platform had the most search volume?

1. Google

2. Yahoo! – 32% the traffic brought by Google Adwords.

3. Bing – 11% the traffic brough by Google Adwords.

Findings: This confirms what most people already know — Google is king of search. Everyone else is far behind. While we love the CPA on Bing’s tool, we do not recommend to anyone using it as your only pay per click campaign if you plan to strick it rich! 🙂

Some more information to help you understand the composition of our studies. (as this may have an effect on results)

  • results were taken from the following industries: Manufacturing, Law Firms, Private Health Care, & HR Companies.
  • Geographic Targets: A range of all of North America, Toronto, & Vancouver Canada, California, Florida, Texas & New York.

For any further information on this study please feel free to send your comments in the comments section below!


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Google, Yahoo! or Bing – Who Has The Best Cost Per Conversion – A Study

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