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10 Essential PPC Tips for Small Businesses

Pay Per Click May 11th, 2012


One of the most powerful tools you can use to bring new people to your business these days is pay per click marketing. Although many people think that SEO is the most important online tool you will be able to use for your business, PPC is sometimes more important in the early stages. With the right PPC campaign, you should be able to bring new people to your website and business that would have never found out about it before. Here are some tips to get your started with your small business PPC campaign:

1.) The first thing you need to do is optimize your keywords. Keywords are everything in a PPC campaign, so you need to make sure that you are choosing keywords that actually match up with your business.

2.) Try to find a target audience. You will only be able to choose the right keywords if you know about your target audience, so do some research on what kind of people would be interested in your products or services.

3.) Learn about all of the different types of keywords you can use. There are special features, such as negative keywords, that will actually help you optimize your PPC campaign even better in the long run.

4.) Remember to optimize your location. If you are a business that only operates in the state of Virginia, then there is no reason to market your services to the rest of the country.

5.) Add special offers into your PPC text. You need to bring as many visitors to your website as possible, so make sure that you are giving them an offer that they will not be able to refuse.

6.) Let your prospective visitors know as much about what you have to offer in that small bit of text. You want to make sure that you are actually converting some of these leads into sales, so don’t hit your visitors with something completely different from what they were expecting when they clicked your link.

7.) Get very specific with your keywords. You will usually be able to find better deals on clicks if you pick out specific key phrases with many words in them, so keep this in mind when you are making your keyword selections.

8.) Think about what time of the day will be best for your ads. PPC campaigns can be optimized for certain hours of the day, so take a look at which hours seem to do the best for you and stick with those hours for the near future.

9.) Differentiate between your homepage and your landing page. Your landing page is going to need to go along with exactly what your visitor is looking for after clicking that certain keyword. You cannot throw them off by only bringing them to your homepage with information that they did not want.

10.) Remember to stay on top of your Quality Score for Adwords. This score affects your overall ranking and bids for certain keywords.

There are many different aspects of a PPC campaign to think about, but you will be able to figure out everything on your own if you take the time to learn about Google Adwords and other similar services.

Post By James Reid (1 Posts)

This is a guest post by bringing you a website builder and business toolkit to help you manage your business.


This is a guest post by bringing you a website builder and business toolkit to help you manage your business.
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10 Essential PPC Tips for Small Businesses

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