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4 Ways to Optimize Your Email Marketing for Mobile

Mobile Marketing September 28th, 2012


Everyone today is using their mobile devices for computer activities. They’re playing games on their mobile device, they’re visiting websites on their mobile device, they’re accessing social networks on their mobile device, and they’re also checking and sending emails on their mobile device.

This is why it’s extremely important for your company to optimize your emails for mobile. If you’re sending out email marketing, and it’s not optimized for mobile, you’ll be missing out on a very large audience. If one of your customers is checking their email on their mobile device and they cannot access your email because it’s not optimized, they’re not going to move to a computer to read it—they’re going to delete it.

In order to optimize your email for mobile, you need to use the following tips.

Use Text Not HTML

You have to first realize that the screen size on a smartphone or tablet is much smaller than a computer, so you want to stay away from fancy HTML versions of your email that contain large images and special formatting. When you use text, it will look perfectly acceptable on both a computer or a smartphone screen, making it the most beneficial for your company no matter where your audience is opening your email.

Watch the Length

Make sure that you’re keeping your content short enough so that it can easily be read on a smartphone or tablet. Emails that are lengthy will not be read completely by your audience if they’re using a mobile device, so stick with a specific headline and give the necessary information. Remove the fluff copy and anything that doesn’t exactly correlate with your message.

Along with the length of the email itself, you also need to watch the length of your subject line. Those who are accessing email on a mobile device will not see as much of the subject line as someone using a computer, so you want to make sure that you’re giving the best possible description in very few words. This will give you a better open rate to those who are using a mobile device.

Use a Header

A header is the part of the email that is shown under the subject line. Most of the time this will be the first few words of the email itself, so it’s important to make sure that you use it to your advantage. If you don’t have enough space for a very descriptive subject line, use the header to add in more content.

Use a Normal Font

Emails are not the place to use varying size text with fancy fonts. Instead, stick with an easy-to-read and basic font, and try to keep your size around 12pt. If it’s bigger or smaller than that, it will be too difficult to read on a mobile device.

Knowing that most of your emails will be read on a mobile device is important so that you can customize your email messaging to be readable on these devices. If you don’t use these tips to optimize your emails for mobile, you’re going to quickly lose readers.

Post By SEOmap (2 Posts)

This article was prepared by one of the members of the SEOMap team, experts on keyword strategy.


This article was prepared by one of the members of the SEOMap team, experts on keyword strategy.
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4 Ways to Optimize Your Email Marketing for Mobile

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