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3 Crucial Tips for Implementing a Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

Mobile Marketing September 19th, 2012


Many companies are realizing if they want to land in front of their target audience they need to start utilizing mobile marketing. Mobile marketing includes an array of different tactics, from SMS messages and QR codes to optimizing your website for mobile.

Having a mobile presence is important because it allows you to reach your audience no matter where they are. Plus, more and more consumers are starting to use mobile devices over traditional stationary computers.

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In order to be effective, mobile marketing needs to be engaging and provide value to your customers. No matter what type of mobile marketing campaign you plan on employing, the following are three tips to help you create a successful campaign.

Have a Goal In Mind

Some companies make the mistake of launching a mobile marketing campaign without implementing their goals. When this happens, most companies won’t have a successful campaign since they’re unaware of what they should be tracking. After setting the goals for your mobile marketing campaign, you’ll be able to ensure your using the best strategies and tactics to help you reach the end goal.  Make sure your campaigns are using the right messaging and entice customers your desired call to action.

Keep It Simple

When companies create a mobile campaign with all the bells and whistles, it’s not likely they see much success. Optimize your website for mobile, create SMS campaigns and use QR codes, but make sure that you keep the ads simple and concise. First, flashy ads don’t work as well on smaller screens as they do on larger screens, so trying to cram a ton of information or interaction onto a small space is going to look disorganized and make your customer uninterested. Second, most people are using their mobile devices to access information because they can multitask and do it while on the go. These customers don’t have time to get too involved in watching a lengthy mobile video or waiting for a website to load, so it’s important that your campaigns are simple so that your audience can easily get the point and know what your company is offering.

Offer Something to Your Audience

Your company needs to think of mobile marketing the same way it thinks of other marketing tactics. This means that you need to offer something to your audience to get them interested in your campaign. For example, if you’re sending SMS messages, you’ll have a higher conversion rate if you offer a discount or a free item to your audience instead of simply providing them with information. Customers want to make the experience all about them, so make sure to give them something they can use.

If you use these tips, you’ll find that your mobile marketing campaign, no matter what type of campaign you employ, will be successful. Have a goal, keep a simple message and offer something of value to your customers, and you’ll get your audience to turn from prospects into conversions.

Post By SEOmap (2 Posts)

This article was prepared by one of the members of the SEOMap team, experts on keyword strategy.


This article was prepared by one of the members of the SEOMap team, experts on keyword strategy.
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3 Crucial Tips for Implementing a Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

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