When it Comes to Internet Content… PULL, Don’t PUSH!

When it Comes to Internet Content… PULL, Don’t PUSH!

Have you ever been overwhelmed when you land on a website? Information overload can come in the form of a “push.” This is where the website pushes an abundance of content to the reader at one time.

“Push” methodology was the accepted method of advertising in the print industry. With hard copy marketing or advertising, a company would try to cram as much information into the ad space, or page as possible. The cost was the same for the physical space, regardless of the information contained in it – so why not capitalize on it and cram as much as you can in there?

With the Push Method the user is not in control, the advertiser is, and they can “push” as much information as they want to the end user.

On the internet, the “push” method has been replaced by the “pull” method.

Today, for the first time in marketing, the user is in full control.

With this shift to Pull Methodology, the user is in control and can “pull” the information they want from a website.

With the continued shift from hard copy to the internet, particularly websites, not enough business owners realize this change has occurred.

Have you ever come across a website that had so much information on it, you don’t know where to start? Even if the website landing page is not that cluttered; if the layout is poor or the meaning is not concise, you would click off and go to the next site.

When cruising the Internet, the user is in full control. It’s not the other way around!

Even if you are conscious of the Pull Methodology and limit your content, so the user can “drill down” or pull what they want form your website, most companies still set up their website ineffectively.

Most times their marketing message is based on past experiences. A typical business website focuses on the logo, company name, who we are, and a list of things that people just glaze over. Today, it’s all about “what’s in it for me?” (your customer).

Have you looked at your website through your customers’ eyes?

Do you offer them a way to “pull” information from your website, or are you still “pushing” information at them?

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