What Does In-House Internet Marketing Mean For Your Business?

What Does In House Internet Marketing Mean For Your Business

The Internet is becoming the main method by which businesses rate their success, so developing and implementing an Internet marketing strategy that best fits your business is essential to outrank your competition.

But just how do you plan on handling that process? Are you leaning towards an in-house internet marketing process, or are you contemplating on hiring a professional Internet marketing company to handle the hard stuff?

This compilation of in-house Internet marketing pros and cons should help you reach your decision.

What are the Benefits of In-House Internet Marketing?

When you’re looking to get a job done but you don’t want to spend time researching a reliable company to which you could outsource your task, you might consider using the resources that are already available to you. Having your own marketing team can provide some great benefits.

You’re in Charge

You have a vision for your company that requires Internet marketing. When you create marketing strategies, you have full control of what happens. You get the first and final words and everything in between. You’re able to design digital marketing methods you believe are best for your business. But will your methods achieve the best results?

You Have Immediate Access to Progress (or Lack Thereof)

Whether you remain in charge or you instruct an employee to run your Internet marketing methods, you’ll have quick and easy access to results. You can approach your employee anytime and ask him or her to pull up the statistics as opposed to waiting for them from a third party.

May Save You Money

If you have talent and time on your side, in-house digital marketing may be a viable option. But not everyone has that luxury. And sometimes, it may do the opposite and require you to spend more money to accumulate for the tools and resources needed to have a powerful, successful marketing strategy and team.


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What are the Disadvantages of In-House Internet Marketing?

Sure, it’s got a couple ups, but in-house marketing can force your business to take some hard blows.

You Lack Expertise

You’ve built your company in a specific industry for a reason. The experts of your business may know the ins and outs of retail management or are pharmaceutical geniuses, but you’re likely missing what it takes to market your business online.

Owners and employees of Internet marketing companies are experienced professionals. They excel above the average in-house marketing teams, because each employee specializes in at least one major aspect of digital marketing. When you look at a marketing team as a whole, it’s a digital marketing monster, mastering the secrets of social media marketing and conquering the challenges of content placement. Of course, you are still the expert in your industry, but agencies and Internet marketing have also worked with numerous businesses in different industries. This means that they have an understanding and experience with managing businesses like yours.

It’s Time Consuming

You have a business to run. You don’t have time to waste behind a desk playing with social media and writing keyword-intensive blog posts, let alone an entire website worth of content. Imagine how much time you’d save yourself and your employees by outsourcing your internet marketing needs to a reliable digital marketing firm.

You Probably Lack Resources

If Internet marketing isn’t your area of expertise, you most likely don’t have access to the tools that can help your website outshine your competition and boost your conversion rate. From keyword mapping to discovering the most effective time frame to reach your targeted audience on your social media accounts, a professional Internet marketing company can help you accomplish a boost in your business unachievable on your own.

You’ll See a Decline in the Quality of Your Products or Services

When you require more of your employees, it takes away their ability to focus on their main tasks. When their focus deviates from their specialties to areas in which they may not be as efficient, the quality of the work they produce will decrease and influence a decline in customer service and satisfaction.

When customer satisfaction goes down, you’re forced to sacrifice time and resources to please your patrons, not to mention the financial cost. In the U.S. alone, $1 trillion is lost annually due to employees who aren’t using technology properly to complete their jobs efficiently.

It's Expensive

No, this isn’t a typo. Many business owners and operators see in-house projects as ways to save money, when in reality, not outsourcing to a professional digital marketing firm can actually be a financial disaster. As of November 2015, over 33 percent of chief marketing officers predict 75 percent or more of their spending over the next five years will be related to digital marketing. It sounds like a lot, but let’s take a closer look.

If you don’t think you have the money in your budget to hire an internet marketing firm, you may want to reevaluate this statistic. When broken down, that estimated 75 percent becomes approximately 15 percent being spent on digital marketing each year. Do you have the financial support necessary to recover from any fallbacks that can arise from developing and implementing your own internet marketing strategies, such as poorly produced products or less than helpful customer service thanks to your employees directing their attention elsewhere?

Maybe you’re considering hiring a new employee to take over your internet marketing. But not only does the hiring processes prohibit you from carrying out your daily activities in a timely fashion, it can be quite costly. Can your business afford all the expenses that accompany a new hire? After taking time out of your schedule to create a job description and carry out countless interviews, pre-employment tests, training, payroll hassles, and health benefits are just some financial burdens your business gets hit with once you hire a new employee.

Is a decline in your product or service quality or the cost of onboarding an unnecessary employee really worth burning your bottom line? Hiring an internet marketing company can help you escape the struggles of profit plummeting and open your schedule so you and your team are able to focus on the needs of your clients instead of behind-the-scenes tech whatnots.

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What does a collaborative approach look like?

Certainly your final option is to use in-house services for those tasks that you have a strong talent pool for, while hiring for those skills you do not. Clearly the largest challenge here is communication. Be sure to schedule regular meetings for both teams to update each other on their accomplishments, along with their upcoming campaigns. It may also make sense to assign one team with final creative approval in order to be sure your marketing collateral is streamlined along with being correctly branded.

Success for any company in their marketing efforts is a moving target in many ways. Staffing, market, and product will fluctuate, that is a given. As a leader, your goal is to make the choice that works best for your organization and their budget at this time, with plans to assess every few months if it is still the best choice going forward.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    We ran into exactly the points you mentioned because of attempted cost cutting.
    We are good at our task and tried to work on the social media area within the team.
    It was stressfull, messy and affected that rolled over into our normal work.
    We finally bit the bullet and hired someone who is dedicated to the task.
    2 weeks in, and already they’re making that side of things look sharper and more professional. We’re still playing catch-up (Infrastructure support) with the tasks we should have been doing, was a learning experience that we’ll remember next time we think about cutting costs!

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