This Week: Google is Selling Zagat, Facebook Ends News Feed Test, and Android P Release Date Rumours

This Week: Google is Selling Zagat, Facebook Ends News Feed Test, and Android P Release Date Rumours

This week in internet marketing, we’re covering Google selling Zagat to restaurant review and recommendation site The Infatuation, Facebook is ending its news feed test for "Explorer,” rumours surrounding Android P’s release date, how 5G will generate $12 billion in new mobile commerce revenue by 2021, and why Twitter is testing integration with programmatic audience buying.

Facebook Ends News Feed Test


Facebook announced it was ending Explore Feed, a news feed test that allowed users to choose between two news feed - one for family and friends; the other, for public pages. This signals that Facebook is confident that their newly updated feed is what’s best for the social media platform, but it’s a loss for businesses, which have already seen their traffic from Facebook plummet with the current news feed.

Google Is Selling Zagat


Google no longer needs review site Zagat as it once did when they required the content to compete with TripAdvisor, Yelp and others. The announcement was made yesterday that Google is selling Zagat to restaurant search and recommendations site The Infatuation. Google outgrew its need for the review site thanks to their increasing body of reviews as part of the more than 50 Local Guides around the world.

Rumours Heating Up About Google’s First Version Of Android P Release Date


Google is set to release the first Android P developer preview, which will precede the public beta. While no release date has been announced, in previous years, Android O and N came out in March -- both well ahead of their Google I/O introductions. There is also rumours that it will have “pie” in the name so Pi Day (March 14) seems to be the likely release date to unveil Android P. Gadget leaker Evan Blass also said on Twitter that Google was eyeing a mid-March launch of Android P.

5G Will Generate $12 Billion In New Mobile Commerce Revenue 2021, According To A Report


According to a report by Adobe Digital Insights, the upcoming 5G mobile network update will translate into $12 billion in added revenue for commerce on mobile devices in the next three years. This indicates that when friction is removed from UX, which will be drastically improved with lower latency, users are much likelier to convert.

The “revenue per visit” gap between desktop and mobile has been closing over the past couple of years -- in January 2015, mobile visits were worth 20 per cent of desktop visits; in 2017, they were worth 30 per cent.

Twitter Tests Integration With Outside Buying Platforms


In their drive to make Twitter the easiest platform for brands and agencies to buy ads, its embracing programmatic ad technology. While rival platforms have avoided programmatics, Twitter wants to build pipes that connect its ad inventory with outside agency trading desks and buying platforms. With this move, Twitter will become the first social media platform to allow marketers to buy an audience programmatically.

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