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This Week In Internet Marketing

If your business is online, staying up to date with the latest internet marketing updates is highly necessary. Every week we deliver you the latest and noteworthy news to serve you stay on top.

Let’s see what we have for you in this week of internet marketing.

YouTube Community Posts Updated With Analytics + More Images


YouTube has announced three useful updates. Firstly, and after many requests from users, community post analytics will now be available. This update will provide an in-depth analysis of community posts' performance and help users understand their ROI. The second update will allow users to add five images to their community posts (previously, only one image was permitted). The third update will let users schedule their community posts in advance on iOS.

Click the article hyperlinked above to learn more about these updates.

New Report Looks at Instagram Engagement Trends, Based on 100 Million Posts [Infographic]


Social Media Today has created an infographic based on Mention's report about Instagram engagement trends, which drew from over 100 million public posts from a million users.

Here are some key points mentioned in the infographic:

  1. Carousel posts outranked single image posts and video posts to become the most engaging posts on Instagram.
  2. 1,000 and 2,000 characters length captions got maximum engagement.
  3. Beauty and cosmetic industry-related posts got the utmost attention.

2021 Social Media Marketing Industry Report


Do you want to achieve maximum conversions with, and grow your engagement on, social media? If yes, this social media marketing industry report by Social Media Examiner, which surveyed around 4300 marketers, can provide some valuable insights. The 40-page report can help marketers and business owners understand how organic posts are working now, how to make use of Stories, video content and live video chats on all social media platforms, among other details. Click the title above for more!

WhatsApp Is Re-Launching Its Controversial Privacy Policy Update


WhatsApp is slowly re-launching its new Privacy Policy update. In January, when the update was first announced, there was massive backlash among users as they worried that WhatsApp would share their personal information with its parent company, Facebook.

Many users were outraged by the privacy policy as they felt that if they didn't accept it, their accounts would be deleted. As a result, masses of users switched over to Telegram and other more stringently data-private messaging apps. This caused Facebook to run full-page newspaper ads explaining the update, and then eventually pause it indefinitely

However, WhatsApp is back again with the new privacy policy update, and the company hopes that it will be accepted by users. Unlike last time, there won't be any deleting of accounts, although users will face restricted services on WhatsApp if they don't accept the privacy policy. Eventually, these restrictions will lead to the user not being able to send or receive any messages on the app - which is effectively the same as having an account deleted entirely.

It'll be interesting to see how WhatsApp users react to this update!

Why Link Building Can Help Your Local Business Grow Revenue


For a local business to prosper, they need to be seen on search results and get noticed by their potential clients. Link building is an effective way to improve your chances of appearing on local searches because local customers tend to search for services near them. Through appropriate link-building methods, a local business can be sure that their listing is shown when a customer searches for the services they offer.

This guide looks at how to manage link-building campaigns that will help you drive local search results so you can rank for the terms that concern your business. Click the hyperlink above to read more!

Wrapping Up:

This week we saw some tips to help you build your social media strategies, new updates from YouTube and WhatsApp, and the importance of link building for growing local business revenue.

We hope you enjoyed reading these updates, and we will see you next week! Until then, please stay up to date with our blogs on internet marketing.

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