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This Week In Internet Marketing

If you run a business online, then staying up to date with the latest internet marketing developments is a must. Every week we bring you the latest and relevant news to help you stay up on top of what you need to know.

Let's see what we have for you in this week of internet marketing.

YouTube Analytics Adds ‘First 24 Hours’ Metric

YouTube Analytics

YouTube has just released an information new metric in its analytics section specifically for video content creators. The new "First 24 hours" metric will help examine a video's performance in its first 24 hours after being published. With this metric, content creators will get a compiled report with the number of views compared to their previously published videos.

Additionally, they will get a detailed report on the watch times, how many people in their audiences subscribed and unsubscribed during the 24 hours, and finally reveal the revenue made by the videos.

An added benefit is that content creators will be able to study and compare two videos' performances, as well as have access to a comprehensive report on the traffic sources and compare fluctuations.

This "First 24 hours" data will be available on all videos from now on, as well as all videos published from 2019 to the present day.

Facebook Shares New Insights into Emerging Trends in eCommerce and Digital Engagement [Infographic]

Facebook Marketing

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have started to witness a shift in how audiences interact, engage, and shop on social media platforms. We have already seen Facebook and Instagram come up with many new features to establish themselves as e-commerce platforms in order to satisfy the growing need for online shopping.

Facebook recently released insights into the emerging trends in e-commerce with a detailed study conducted by surveying 12,500 people aged 18–64 across 14 global markets. This survey's findings have been categorized into regional reports for 14 countries: Australia, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, The Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, the US, Vietnam, the UK, and India.

Based on the global study, they published an infographic that provides valuable global insights on what a marketer can expect from the changing shopping trends among the audience.

Please have a look at the infographic and download reports based on the location(s) you want to target.

WordPress Now Offers Website Development

Built by Wordpress

WordPress had always made marketers' work comfortable with their content management system (CMS) that rendered website design services, themes, and useful plugins. Recently, WordPress declared that they are entering into the website development business with a new venture, "Built by WordPress."

This website development service offered focuses on three classes of websites: online stores, educational stores. and professional services, and has been established to keep its market safe from the emerging website development service providers like Wix and Squarespace.

We shall wait and see what Built by WordPress will provide us that Squarespace does not already.

LinkedIn Launches 'LinkedIn Marketing Labs' to Provide Education on the Platform's Ad Tools

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is emerging as one of the most trusted platforms for professionals, especially with excellent opportunities for businesses that cater to professional service needs.

LinkedIn recently launched an educational series for its audience to learn more about using the advertising and promotional tools available on the platform.

Overall, these tutorials will assist you in getting better reach and returns using the advertising tools. LinkedIn marketing experts have curated these tutorials and have shared the best practices available.

The course will incorporate LinkedIn Ad targeting, reporting and analytics, building a marketing strategy on LinkedIn, and how brands can use LinkedIn for brand awareness and increasing conversions.

Here is the link to LinkedIn's new Marketing Labs.

Digital Marketing 101: How to Improve Your Email Deliverability

Digital Marketing

Has your business ever experienced an issue of a large number of company emails suddenly bouncing back with a message saying they can’t be delivered? If yes, reading this blog from TechWyse on ways to improve your email deliverability would be very helpful.

Overall, the reason why your emails are not being delivered may be because of your IP reputation. In this blog we discuss what IP reputation is, factors that affect it, and finally steps to improve your IP reputation.

After this, you will no longer face the problem of mails getting blacklisted.

Let's Wrap up!

We saw some new metrics on Youtube Analytics that will help content creators analyze their videos' performances. Next, took a look at an infographic report from Facebook studying the emerging trends in e-commerce. Then, we discussed Built by WordPress, a new website development service provider, and  LinkedIn marketing tutorials. Finally, we examined IP reputation and why our emails get blacklisted.

We will see you next week! Until then, stay updated with our blogs on internet marketing


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