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This Week In Internet Marketing

Having a business online has numerous benefits, from greater audience reach to lower marketing costs. Exploring new trends and updates in internet marketing will help you harvest maximum benefits.

With this in mind, let's dive into the latest news in this week of internet marketing.

Twitter Provides Recommendations to Help Advertisers Prepare for Coming IDFA Change

Twitter Provides Recommendations to Help Advertisers Prepare for Coming IDFA Change


Many advertisers are anxious about Apple's IDFA update and how it will affect data tracking. Reports suggest that Facebook will be most affected because this update will give users the option to opt out of in-app data tracking. As customers' shopping details might not be available, advertisers will no longer be able to retarget audiences, heavily affecting their digital ad strategies.

This week, Twitter has discussed how it has been preparing for the IDFA change, and they suggest that no immediate action is required for advertisers other than those dealing with app installs. Those handling app installs should work with mobile measurement partners to make sure the SKAdNetwork is configured.

It is impossible to predict user response to this update, although many people will likely opt out of getting tracked, therefore heavily affecting digital ad campaigns.

Google Search Launches 'About This' Result Feature

Google Search launches about this result feature

Google's new feature that supports audiences to learn more about search result is finally live on US search results. This feature was first tested in Oct 2019 and finally went live on 1st Feb 2021.

With this new feature, searchers will get the opportunity to learn more details about the search results, like whether the website is listed on Wikipedia, if it is a trusted and secure website, or if the search listing is paid for. These details about the source can be found by tapping on the three dots on the top right corner of the search result snippet.

With this new update, it will be necessary for brands to have a Wikipedia listing, secure connection, and make sure accurate information is shared.

Instagram Adds 'Recently Deleted' FolderInstagram Adds 'Recently Deleted' Folder to Safeguard Against Mistaken Post Removal

Unfortunately, many of us have had our Instagram posts and stories accidentally deleted. Worse, others have had their posts deleted by hackers. Previously, it was not possible to retrieve deleted posts once they were removed from profiles.

However, Instagram's new update will make it possible to retrieve deleted posts, stories, and Reels for 30 days in the recently deleted folder.

This feature is intended to secure users' accounts from hackers who maliciously erase posts. For added security, Instagram has also added a process to verify if the person permanently deleting from the recently deleted folder is in fact the account's rightful owner.

Google Will Suspend Merchant Sites That Show Higher Prices at Checkout

Google will suspend merchant sites that show higher prices in the checkout

If you are an e-commerce seller, make sure that prices shown during a customer's checkout are not higher than the prices shown on landing pages and in merchant center product data: from April 6th, Google is going to trace merchants who display a higher price point for items at checkout than anywhere else on their website.

It is expected that Google will send you a 28-day warning to resolve these mismatches, after which it is likely that your account will get suspended.

The idea here is to ensure that customers do not leave their carts without making a purchase after seeing the hike in an item's price. Google supports applying promotions to make the cart price less than the one displayed in the merchant center feed, but not the opposite. Googles is aware that some merchants are violating this price rule, and it will be strictly enforced from now on.

7 Ways to Promote Your Business for Free

7 Ways to Promote Your Business for Free

If you have recently established a new business and lack the resources to promote yourself, you should check out this blog from TechWyse. This post explains seven ways to promote your business at zero cost. Although these tactics may require more effort than paid methods, they will save you money and be fruitful in the long run.

Specifically, the blog discusses how calls-to-action, chatbots, email lists, link building, guest posts, repurposing blog posts, and testimonials can help promote your business for free.

Overall, these strategies will help you grow your audience base, keep customers happy, and boost customer advocacy for your brand.

Wrapping Up:

Now let's review what we saw in this week of internet marketing.

First, we heard about the new IFDA update and how it will generally affect digital marketing. We then learnt about the new feature on Google Search that will allow users to know more about search results. Next, we were updated on Instagram's new deleted folder. Following this were the consequences of showing higher prices during checkouts. Lastly, we saw 7 ways to promote a business for free.

We will see you next week! Until then, stay updated with our blogs on internet marketing

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