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Do you want to create a lasting relationship with your customers on the internet? If yes, digital marketing is for you. With digital marketing you can promote your brand online at a much lower cost and reap better results than traditional marketing.

Today in this week of internet marketing we have summarized the December 2020 Google core algorithm, new features on Twitter and 2021 social media trends for you!

Twitter Relaunching Verified Accounts

New Verified Accounts Program to be relaunched by Twitter in January 2021.

The Verified Accounts Program was paused back in November 2017 as there arose a public perception that Twitter endorsed members.

Twitter, through careful consideration, updated its verification policy. The new policy specifies a complete profile to include either a verified email address or phone number, a profile image and a display name.

The essential changes brought in by Twitter are:

  • Removing the strict policy insisting on completeness of a profile.
  • Having a stable Wikipedia article to be Notable.
  • Included new categories such as news, sports, and entertainment to recognize journalists, eSports and digital content creators.

Twitter also announced the exploration of new categories in academics, science, religion, brands etc. Additionally, new accounts will be created in 2021 to identify those accounts that are bots.

Twitter specified that accounts at the risk of losing their Blue Badge would receive a warning email, and members who update their accounts before 20th January 2021 will not lose their Badge.

Google Search Console brings back request indexing tool

Request Indexing is a widely used tool by website owners that publishes a new page or makes changes to an existing page. The tool runs live diagnosis on URLs to check for any indexing issues, and if no problems are found, the page will be queued for indexing.

Google disabled the tool in October 2020, but have now announced on Twitter that Request Indexing is back on Google Search Console URL Inspection.

Google announced that in case of a higher number of URLs, instead of requesting indexing, a site map should be submitted through google search console as it cannot guarantee inclusion to Google search index.

This tool, when disabled, although used widely, did not impact normal indexing. But the same was wanted by SEO’s and website owners as the tool helps speed up crawling and indexing essential URLs.

Google December 2020 Core Update Insights

Google officially released its third new core algorithm update for 2020 on December 3rd.

With this update happening right before Christmas, there has been a lot of anticipation among marketers on how it will affect SEO and other ranking factors.

The Search Engine Result Page may seem confusing, and it can be challenging to understand the algorithm changes and why rankings have gone up and down.

This article contains some insights on this Google core update from 5 top search marketers: Dave Davies (Beanstalk Internet Marketing), Steven Kang (founder of the popular SEO Signals Lab Facebook group), Daniel K Cheung (Team Lead, Prosperity Media), Cristoph Cemper (CEO, LinkResearchTools) and Michael Martinez (Founder of SEOTheory).

Twitter Testing a New Way to Spark Engagement 

Twitter is looking to test a new feature on Android that expects to increase engagements among audiences and stimulate discussions among Twitter users.

While replying to tweets, users will now see common interests they have with another user they are not following. With this feature, Twitter will help you understand the topics you both are interested in and highlight mutual connections and each user's profile bio.

This update will help marketers ignite a conversation with their potential customers as they will now be able to recognize the audience's interests and market accordingly. Be cautious not to make bad marketing pitches, which could lead to forced engagement and thereby annoy your audience.

Social Media in 2021: 4 Trends to Watch

2020 witnessed many ups and downs, developments and significant shifts in the world of social media, so it is necessary to welcome 2021 by revamping your social media strategies.

TechWyse has a blog post with four critical trends to focus on in 2021 for a successful social media existence, which include:

  • Seeing how video is evolving, with TikTok, Reels, and LinkedIn creating video content innovations
  • Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram will have new features to create visually engaging content
  • Instagram and Facebook shifting their focus onto in-app shopping
  • An emerging important for brands to respond to public crises actively and appropriately

Overall, companies need to stay acquainted with social media trends and explore social media analytics for a better marketing experience.

Let’s wrap up:

Make sure to consider these updates while planning your business marketing strategies for 2021.

We now know Twitter is all set to relaunch verified accounts, making it a safe place to advertise your businesses.

We got insights on the recent Google core algorithm update and search console tools, as well as Twitter's new features to spark engagements facilitating marketing opportunities.

Finally, we discussed the biggest social media trends for 2021.

To stay up to date with digital marketing, make sure to check out all of TechWyse's blog posts here and let us know your questions in the comment section below.

Have a safe and happy holiday!!


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