This Week: Twitter, Facebook, WooCommerce, and More!

This week in internet marketing

Staying updated on the latest updates and news from the world of internet marketing is essential if you want to take your business to the top.

We have compiled five of the most recent and important updates from this week of internet marketing to help you stay updated. Read on for more!

Twitter Adding ‘Subscribe’ Button to Profiles for Newsletter Signups

Twitter users will soon be able to sign up for newsletters by clicking on a subscribe button on other users' profiles. The signup and distribution will be promoted by Revue, a newsletter publishing company that was acquired by Twitter back in January.

Although the launch date of this feature is yet to be announced, a lot of it is still functioning in the staging form. If publishers have Revue they can activate this feature directly in Revue. To learn more about this feature, read the article linked above!

New Instagram Tools for Creators to Earn More Income

Facebook is releasing some new features to make it more financially rewarding for creators to post content and promote products on its own platform and on Instagram. Some of the features are currently only available to a small group of content creators in the US, but others are already broadly accessible.

Instagram is testing a “native affiliate tool” that will allow creators to drive sales and earn commissions for the products they promote, all within the app. This feature will be tested with a select number of creators over the coming months.

To learn more about these new features, check out the article linked above!

WooCommerce’s Integration With Google Shopping Is Now Live

Google Shopping's integration with WooCommerce, the open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress, will make it easier for retail and commerce partners to reach a wide audience across Google's properties.

The collaboration, which was originally announced at Google Marketing Live, is now available to all. This integration will now allow WooCommerce users to display their products and services across Google properties for free.

This is a great opportunity for WooCommerce merchants as they can now upload their products to Google, create free listings and campaigns, and review their performance, all within the WooCommerce dashboard.

Facebook Launches Sponsored Chat Themes, Payment QR Codes and Quick Replies for Messenger

Facebook is adding a new set of sponsored chat themes for Messenger, along with a new quick reply bar for shared images, and QR codes and payment links to enable easy transactions within message threads.

Although Facebook hasn't made the chat themes an official ad offering yet, since its expansion has been tied into recent major film and music launches, it could eventually become a great opportunity for businesses in the future.

The addition of QR codes and payment links will allow users to complete monetary transactions without leaving Messenger. If this update goes well, it could lead to more business transaction tools and other processes being added to improve the platform's utility.

What Is the Difference Between a Mobile and Responsive Website?

Mobile websites have become increasingly important for businesses that wish to reach as many potential customers as possible.  So, what exactly is a mobile website?

A mobile website is exactly what it sounds like: a website specifically designed and developed to adjust to mobile devices. Mobile websites are applied directly to phones and tablets automatically as a user enters the website.

In this article, Courtney has elaborated on how a 'regular' website becomes a mobile website and has also stated the importance of responsive websites.


Today we saw some crucial updates and news surrounding internet marketing, starting with Twitter adding a new subscribe button to profiles. We then moved on to see how Facebook is adding new tools within Instagram for creators to earn more income.

Next, we looked at WooCommerce's integration with Google Shopping and Facebook launching their latest Sponsored chat themes, payment QR codes and quick replies on Messenger. Finally, we saw an article that tells us the difference between a mobile and responsive website.

Next week we will be coming back with more updates from the world of digital marketing! Meanwhile, stay up to date with our available blogs on internet marketing.


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