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This Week In Internet Marketing

Happy Tuesday!

Part of running a business means staying up to date with all the latest industry news and marketing trends, so you can stand out from the crowd.

This week, we’ve collected 5 articles to provide you with important updates - so you can take your business to the top!

On-Site SEO Factors That Matter Most  

With so many ways to optimize your website for search, it can be difficult to know which ones Google actually considers the most important. However, businesses also sometimes forget that SEO isn’t always about ranking at the top of the SERP. It’s also vital for optimizing the searcher’s experience.

This ties into enhancing UX experience, building your brand, and ultimately boosting conversions. This article outlines five on-site factors your business can implement into your SEO strategy, including creating content (both short and long-form), tracking user engagement (pages per session, bounce rate, click-through rate), improving technical structure (crawlability, security, clean URLs), interlinking, and mobile optimization.

Interested in learning more about On-Site SEO factors that matter the most? Click the link above.

Facebook Has New Ways To Generate Leads & Connect With Customers

Facebook has announced it’s launching new free and paid business tools to help generate leads and connect with more customers on additional platforms. They’ve also announced the rollout of some new features that will be coming over the next year. Here’s a quick overview of the new tools Facebook is launching:

  1. Click-to-message ad updates
  2. Start WhatsApp Chat from Instagram
  3. Request a Quote on Messenger
  4. Lead Generation on Instagram

Additional Features in testing include updates to Facebook Business Suite (emails, file manager, post-testing, and work accounts.

These updates will help business owners and marketers alike connect with consumers on a wider scale and communicate more effectively. To learn more about the updates, click above!

How to Engage Your Customers With Mobile Marketing 

It’s safe to say that the world has pretty much become dependent on mobile devices, making it a great medium for businesses and brands to connect with their audiences. The beauty of it is that there are many ways to connect with users through mobile.

This article outlines eight strategies you can use such as text messages, push notifications, In-app messaging, Email marketing, Social media marketing, mobile content marketing, business apps, and web apps.

Learn more about how each of these strategies works and how your business can leverage them to reach a wide audience in a small amount of time. Click above to read.

Hear this: Social Listening Can Help Differentiate Your Brand’s Content 

If you’re new to the world of social media marketing, you may or may not be familiar with the term ‘Social Listening’. This audience research tactic is often underused by brands. Practicing social listening can give you the upper hand over competitors, help you monitor your industry space, and identify opportunities.

In simple terms, Social listening is an audience research technique that brands can use to monitor social media channels, websites, and forums on anything related to your brand or competitors. It helps you understand your target audience, identify emerging trends and topics, and reduce the likelihood of you sounding too much like the other brands out there in your industry. Interested in learning more about social listening? Check out the article linked above.

Google Completes the Second Half of the Page Experience Update 

In 2020, Google announced new updates to their search algorithm with the primary update being a feature designed to help users find websites that offer more pleasant online experiences. The first half of updates were done in June 2021, while the second half was complete end of August.

The latter half of the update revolved around Google Search Console removing the Ad Experience and Safe browsing reports from the page experience report. Both the tools remain available in Google Search Console as standalone tools. Google explains that with these gone, Page Experience Report in Search Console will consist of the Core Web Vitals, the Mobile Usability Report, HTTPS usage, and Intrusive interstitials. Click above to read more about the second half of the update and what it means for your business’s website.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it! This week we took a look at 5 helpful and interesting updates from the world of internet marketing that will hopefully help you out or inspire you in different ways.

To do a quick review, we first reviewed five on-site SEO Factors that your business should focus on to optimize both SEO and user experience. We then moved on to explore Facebook’s new free and paid business tools to help generate leads and enhance communication with customers on additional platforms.

Next, we learned about eight tactics marketers and businesses can use to enhance mobile engagement with consumers. We followed this with a discussion on the benefits of social listening as a research tactic to get ahead of the competition and discover opportunities for your brand. Lastly, we dove into the world of Google algorithm updates with changes to ad experience and safe browsing reports.

Any questions, comments, or concerns? We’d love to hear your feedback. As always, we’ll be back next week with 5 new articles for you. In the meantime, if you’re looking to learn more please check out our existing blogs that cover a range of digital marketing topics!

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