This Week: Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and More!

This Week: Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and More!

Happy Tuesday!

W so many industry updates to stay on top of, marketing your business online can be challenging. Thankfully, we’re here to help!

Today we have updates from a few top social media platforms, as well as some tips on improving your content marketing in a post-COVID world.

Pinterest Lets Content Owners Control How Their Images Are Used


Pinterest has introduced a solution that will ensure that the content shared on the platform is not misused. The Content Claiming Portal will allow content owners to claim their content and will give them copyright ownership and authority over how their images are utilized on the platform.

The Portal will allow content creators to remove all existing versions of their images and limit future versions of their content on the platform. This update will prevent other users from downloading and using images that the original creator owns, and duplicate images will be automatically deleted.

To access copyright, content creators will have to fill out an application that asks them to provide proof of content ownership.

LinkedIn Provides Tips on Effective Brand Use of LinkedIn Stories


Have you thought about using LinkedIn Stories yet? When used correctly, LinkedIn Stories can be a useful factor in a successful digital marketing strategy - especially if you use them well! Here are a few tips shared by LinkedIn on the practical usage of the feature:

  1. Offer value to your audience by sharing informational posts: that can be anything from tips, insights, industry updates.
  2. Promote your product features but make sure you don't sound too promotional: as much as possible, try to make your Stories engaging and entertaining.
  3. Make sure to share event updates to increase brand awareness and buzz.

Instagram Shopping: How to Get More Exposure and Sales


If you are looking for ways to feature your products on Instagram and get more exposure and sales, this article is perfect for you.

With the shop icon now placed at the bottom of the app's screen, Instagram has made it easier for brands to make sales without users leaving the app.

Here are some tips that can guide you when you are looking to promote your products on the app:

  1. Optimize your images by taking consumer behaviour in mind. They should be attention-grabbing and give shoppers an idea of what you are advertising.
  2. Think about using videos in the form of Reels, IGTV, and Stories to improve product discoverability.
  3. Make use of Instagram Guides that serve as a virtual catalogue or magazine. This feature lets you curate a set of product posts.

Facebook Increases Support for Businesses from Underserved Communities via New Initiative


With COVID-19 badly affecting so many small businesses, Facebook has joined Andreessen Horowitz’s Talent x Opportunity Initiative (TxO) to help businesses from underserved communities get funding and assistance. Facebook will be helping through funding and giving ad credits and strategic guidance via Facebook Elevate.

Facebook has previously declared multiple funding initiatives to help minority communities, including a $40 million grant program for Black-owned businesses.

How to Build Your Content Marketing Competency for a Post-COVID Future


With COVID-19 changing everything around us, it has become imperative for businesses to accommodate this new reality. An effective content marketing strategy is essential in a post-Covid world, and TechWyse has some tips to start building your content marketing competency, including:

  • Defining your business goals
  • Planning your marketing strategies
  • Using SEO effectively
  • Updating your website to build a relationship with your audience

For more information, check out the blog linked above. If you require any support with your content marketing, our content marketing experts can help you.

Wrapping Up:

Today we discussed how Pinterest is making it possible for content creators to claim their content on the platform, got some excellent Stories tips from LinkedIn, and saw how to get good exposure and improve sales on Instagram. Then we heard how Facebook is providing funding and support to unreserved communities, and lastly, we saw a TechWyse blog about enhancing your content marketing competency.

We hope you enjoyed reading these updates, and we will see you next week! Until then, please stay up to date with our blogs on internet marketing.


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