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This Week In Internet Marketing

Happy Tuesday!

To have longevity in marketing it's important to learn to adapt as the ever-evolving and fast-moving industry progresses.  To put it simply, one needs to stay updated to stay in the game!

So, to keep you on top of everything you need to know, here is what happened in this week of internet marketing.

Microsoft Advertising now offers Filter Link Extensions

Microsoft Advertising now offers Filter Link Extensions

Filter Link extensions, which help improve a text ad's visibility and overall performance by giving it a wider reach, have recently been added to Microsoft advertising.

With the application of this new extension, ads will include one header with between 3 and 10 clickable text values. This is comparable to Structured Snippet Extensions, but the highlight of Filter Link extensions is that you can add URL destinations as well.

This new feature will help with specifying ads. As a result, searchers will get an idea of the various services a specific business focuses on, and they can also select the options they want. The extensions also allow business owners to explain their businesses, as well as their products' and/or services' uses to potential customers.

Instagram Launches New 'Professional Dashboard' Platform

Instagram Launches New 'Professional Dashboard' Platform

Instagram intends to help its content creators and business owners with a new professional dashboard. The dashboard contains tools and other methods of support that users can utilize to help run their businesses on the platform. The dashboard will specifically help with businesses' monetization and visibility on Instagram. Additionally, it will provide its users with tips on navigating the social media platform itself, as well as highlighting its latest features and how they can be implemented.

The dashboard displays three key elements: tracking your brand's performance on the platform, tools to boost your business growth, and the newest educational resources.

Twitter Announces Acquisition of Newsletter Platform, Revue

Twitter Announces Acquisition of Newsletter Platform, Revue

Twitters has declared the acquisition of Revue, a service that assists those who wish to create and share newsletters. Twitter is often used as a platform for authors to share glimpses of their thoughts, but these same authors utilize other platforms to satisfy their audiences with content longer than 280 characters. With this acquisition of Revue, Twitter intends to integrate the platforms, enabling users to subscribe to the newsletters directly from a Tweet or their main feeds.

This update will enable Twitter to increase conversions. Additionally, certain changes on Revue, like making the platform available to all users for free and reducing the newsletter publishing fee to 5%, will make it a better contender to its rival newsletter service providers.

Google adds price drop appearance rich results to search results

Google adds price drop appearance rich results to search results

Google has an excellent update on their rich snippets on SERPs. With the new update, which will appear from now on, price drop rich results will be displayed on both desktop and mobile search results pages.

Business owners are required to update their offers in the product-structured data, and Google will compare this data with the price you send the search engine via product schema over time. The price drop will be determined on a percentage basis and displayed as rich snippets.

This snippet will help businesses get more conversions, and audiences will now be able to see the price drop, helping gain clicks and improve conversions in the process.

Google’s John Mueller Confirms Core Updates Apply to Discover

Google Sees Discover As Part of Search


Recently, many SEO experts have been busy analyzing the impact of broad core algorithm updates on search results. Thankfully, Google's John Mueller has confirmed that Discover is part of search results, and he suggests that Discover will also be impacted by any developments with search results due to the broad core algorithm.

We have linked a discussion that happened on Jan 22 on the impact of broad core algorithm updates on Discover. Here, Chandan Kumar, an SEO expert, questions John Mueller about the algorithm update, as well as why search and discover are considered the same.

Wrapping Up

This week we saw how advertisers can now use the Microsoft Advertising filter link extension to get noticed on search results. Then we saw that Instagram's Professional Dashboard will help in business growth. We also understood why Twitter acquired Revue, a newsletter service provider.

We saw that price drops will be displayed as rich snippets on SERPs. Lastly, we heard Google's John Mueller share insight on how Discover and Search are linked.

We hope you enjoyed perusing the latest internet marketing updates. To receive more updates and headlines from the world of internet marketing, keep an eye out for our latest blogs!


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