This Week: Marketing Trends, Voice Marketing, Social Media, and Content Marketing for 2020

This week in internet marketing

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This week we are back with more internet marketing news! Today, let’s go through some marketing trends for 2020, creating a voice marketing funnel with Alexa flash briefings, helpful social media tips for 2020, tips for guest blogging in 2020 and how to optimize a podcast site!

Marketing Trends for 2020: Here’s What Will Happen That Nobody is Talking About

You all would be wondering about the changes that will take place in internet marketing this year. Every marketer out there will be looking to get better this year. Many will be having questions like what will change this year? Will Google come up with something new? How can we improve our SEO skills as we approach 2020? Will voice search be the thing? How will automation impact in the coming days? There are a few trends that will come true, some already have, and you have to adapt for them. Want to get answers to your questions and get going this year?

Marketing trends 2020

The article framed by an expert will give you an insight into the various trends in internet marketing that will take place during 2020!

How to Create a Voice Marketing Funnel With Alexa Flash Briefings

It is no surprise that voice search has gained much popularity with the explosion of Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri, and other smart assistants. Smart speakers/voice assistants are already the most rapidly adopted consumer technology in history. This allowed for the development of a novel distribution channel of audio content through Amazon Alexa, known as flash briefings. You can think of them as brief podcasts, often referred to as briefcasts. Once users subscribe to it, they simply ask Alexa for their daily news and the smart speaker will play their personal curated list of briefcasts. 

voice marketing

As society moves toward short-form audio, the opportunity in flash briefings is increasing every day, and the space is wide open for marketers. Read the article and discover how to create a voice marketing funnel that increases social media reach and engagement.

7 of the Most Helpful Social Media Tips for 2020

Social media keeps improving after every update, and so we must keep up with the pace. If you pick any social media platform, you will find that as it grows older, users come and go. New features get launched, while other features get removed. As these platforms age, it can be pretty difficult figuring out how your business brand or personal brand can get the most out of them. Promoting business on social media is thought to be effective in improving conversions. 

social media tips

The article comprises of seven of the most helpful social media tips you need in 2020.

Google’s Mueller Answers How to SEO a Podcast Site

A question was asked during a Reddit discussion on how to optimize an audio-based site that highlights podcasts and audiobooks. John Mueller and others in the Reddit community provided some useful advice. John Mueller reaffirmed that all the pages will need content for Google to understand what the page is about and subsequently rank it. Mueller’s advice to generate content that describes how and why the podcast or audiobook is relevant to the user is a great start. After that, there are more solutions depending on audio that is being promoted!

podcast seo

Read the article to discover all the advice on how to SEO a podcast site from experts!

10 Tips for improved guest blogging in 2020

When we say guest blogging, the first thing that comes into our head as marketers is the links that are being built during the process. As it becomes a more cautionary process, it’s necessary to get a clear idea of how to obtain the best links for your website. Although Google has openly placed more analysis on guest blogging, there is undoubtedly still value in acquiring a link from a recognizable high-authority site in your niche. However, it is not easy to secure links from top-sites. Many sites only offer nofollow links, and with rising competition, there is no shortage of good writers to populate these blog sites with high-quality articles. So, how can we improve our guest blogging campaigns in 2020?

Guest blogging

Read the article to find out the ten helpful tips for improving your guest blogging in the coming days!

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