This Week: LinkedIn, Google Update, Google Merchant Centre, and More!

This Week In Internet Marketing

Happy Tuesday!

Yet another week of 2021 is over, and we are here again with the most exciting news shaping the digital marketing industry.

From the latest insights on LinkedIn Marketing trends and site quality issues, to speculations over what Google's May 2021 Update has in store for us, read on to stay up-to-date on the past week's digital marketing updates.

LinkedIn Launches 'Do Business Where Business Is Done' Campaign

This Week In Internet Marketing

LinkedIn has always been distinct in its purpose, unlike other social media platforms, by specifically targeting professional audiences: it's a professional network engaging a ready-to-do business community to discover information, explore content, and connect with others.

That's why LinkedIn has launched its latest promo campaign with a new motto, 'Do Business Where Business is Done.' This LinkedIn campaign aims at those random, off-topic, non-business-related posts that have seen a creeping rise in the past few years, receiving strong engagement on LinkedIn.

This new brand campaign highlights the significance of reaching people with a business mindset, and tells advertisers that 'business marketing doesn't belong near pictures of dogs in costumes,' or memes and off-topic updates, therefore encouraging sharing content with professional value on the platform.

This is certainly an important note for your LinkedIn marketing strategy's approach to building a strong B2B marketing foundation.

Google: Possible Quality Issue If Copied Content Outranks Original

This Week In Internet Marketing

Is your original website content being stolen and republished by other websites? Is the stolen content ranking higher than the original content?

According to Google’s John Mueller, to protect a website from content theft, the immediate action that the site owner can take is to look into the DMCA takedown process, a legal process that involves reporting stolen content on a per-page basis to Google.

This being said, Mueller recommends to examine the website's overall quality if the plagiarized content is consistently ranking above the original source. This is clearly a warning to make changes to your website and improve its webpages, as Google ascertains the source page based on its overall quality.

2021 Google Algorithm Update: Double Down on Website User Experience

This Week In Internet Marketing

As Google rolls out its 2021 Algorithm Update, User Experience will become even more critical to search engine optimization (SEO).

With new ranking signals, 'great user experience' will take precedence over the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) framework that promptly loads content-rich pages on mobile devices.

Some of the other ranking signals to regard:

  • Core Web Vitals

A series of metrics focusing on site speed; use tools such as Search Console, PageSpeed Insights, and Google Lighthouse to monitor your progress.

  • Mobile-Friendliness

As search queries are made more on mobile devices these days, using AMP pages can significantly increase the loading time on mobile devices.

  • Safe Browsing

Watch out for malware, spyware, or malicious scripts or ads that may deceive or mislead users toward harmful sites.


As a massive sensitive information exchange happens between web users and servers, data encryption is crucial: this makes a strong case for purchasing a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate that scrambles data on transit.

  • Non Intrusive Interstitials

Since pop-ups often interrupt and pester users, make them as disruptive as possible.

Take your time to critically examine your website as Google prepares for its May Algorithm Update.

Upcoming Changes to Google Merchant Center Data Specs

This Week In Internet Marketing

As they do every year, Google has made changes to its Merchant Center Data Specification to enhance overall shopping experience and stay up-to-date with the changing market's needs.

Here are the following changes:

  • Region-specific shipping that allows you to enter handling and transit time.
  • Various attributes, such as availability attribute 'backorder,' size_type attribute, and DateTime attributes.
  • Restrictions on cross-border sales for payment plan products.
  • Consistent and precise pricing throughout the checkout process.
  • New warnings for unit pricing attribute and shipping country sub-attribute.

Being informed of the changes that Google is constantly making to its Merchant Center if you are an advertiser ready to sell your product is always important~

What Makes a Great Digital Marketing Agency and Why You Should Work With One

Marketing is an indispensable part of your businesses' success, and with many digital marketing agencies out there, it can be difficult to pick just one. This TechWyse blog will help you choose the perfect digital marketing agency that meets all your brand goals and marketing objectives, and it covers some of the following topics:

What constitutes a good digital marketing agency?

  • Past accomplishments with significant portfolios
  • Case studies on past SEO
  • A good team of specialized employees
  • Testimonials and mentions on social media
  • Expert reviews
  • Core Values that align with yours
  • A well-designed and user-friendly website
  • Transparency and realistic expectations
  • Availability and ease in communication

While working with an agency, it's important to learn the process and scope of the project. Do enough research to plan and execute the project and review the results.

A digital marketing agency can significantly help your business develop a marketing strategy, establish brand identity, and much more.

Find out more on how a well-curated digital marketing strategy can help your business grow on the TechWyse blog.

Let’s wrap up:

In modern internet marketing, making sure your message reaches the right audience is key. This is precisely why LinkedIn launched the 'Do Business Where Business is Done' campaign to target business-minded audiences. Additionally, John Mueller's insight on copied website content showed us how site quality could be an important factor in ranking higher on Google.

We learned how UX will become more crucial to SEO as Google sharpens its ranking signals in the May 2021 Update. We then saw Google's updates on its Merchant Center Data Specification for a more enjoyable shopping experience. Finally, we learned how to choose the best digital marketing agency and how working with one would effectively increase your brand identity .

We will see you next week! Until then, stay updated with our blogs on internet marketing.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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