This Week: LinkedIn, Firefox, Twitter, And More!

This Week In Internet Marketing

It's Tuesday again, and that means it's time to get updated with the changes in the past week of internet marketing.

It's important for brands to keep themselves updated so that potential customers can find them online: at the end of the day, what matters is whether your customers could find you after all the effort you put in.

Here are the top 5 recent updates in digital marketing you need to know:

LinkedIn Pages Updated with New Features

This Week In Internet Marketing

LinkedIn has released three new features to make marketing on the platform more effective: lead form generation on product pages, content sharing on the community tab, and a LinkedIn stories update. These updates will help businesses with lead generation and keeping their employees updated with relevant content.

  • A LinkedIn product page is where a company can promote their specific products. With the new feature, businesses can collect customer information through lead generation forms for free.
  • The community tab is getting updated with a feature that companies can use to get their employees curating new content with the content suggestion tool.
  • With the new swipe-up tool in LinkedIn stories for sharing blog posts, referral traffic will increase.

Firefox Launches Total Cookie Protection

This Week In Internet Marketing

To protect user privacy and data tracking, Mozilla has released updated protection from cookies on your search tabs.

With the Total Cookie Protection on Mozilla's Strict Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP), a new cookie blocker will be used in a 'cookie jar' analogy. With this protection, every third party that tracks your data through cookies will not be able to track your online actions anymore.

This update was affirmed on 23rd February with the announcement of the new Firefox 86.

You can activate the strict Mode on your Firefox tab, and then all cookies will be blocked. You can learn more about activating this new feature here.

Twitter’s Top 6 Trends to Help Brands Stay Ahead

This Week In Internet Marketing

Twitter recently shared a report where they have discussed the top 6 trends with the support of statistics to help businesses stay relevant and up to date with what users are talking about.

The six trends are as follows:

  • Wellbeing

Growing discussions on mental health and self-care.

  • Creator Culture

Discussions on new content creators and conversations around becoming one.

  • Everyday Wonder

Users are growing curious about the world around them. More discussions on spirituality, tarot and psychics, as well as astronomy and the stars.

  • One Planet

Discussions on sustainable living, buying local, and reusing.

  • Tech Life

Users are showing emotional dependence on technology and online shopping. Also, seeing a conversation around tech in healthcare

  • My Identity

We are seeing more conversations on equality, as well as human and civil rights.

Facebook Launches New, SMB-Focused Ad Campaign to Counter Apple's Coming IDFA Change

This Week In Internet Marketing

With Apple's coming IDFA changes, small businesses will be worried about how this will affect their ad campaigns' effectiveness.

Facebook has launched an SMB-focused ad campaign to help businesses during this crucial stage. This ad campaign focuses on why personalized ads are positive, as well as why data tracking options should not be opted-out of.

Facebook says switching off data tracking will affect many businesses badly as they won't be able to target potential customers, and will lead to a rise in outreach costs.

Here are updates that Facebook outlined to help SMBs:

  • Simplifying the ad manager process
  • Waiving fees for businesses
  • Adding more options for restaurants
  • Adding #DeserveToBeFound hashtag on Facebook.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for Businesses

This Week In Internet Marketing

LinkedIn is a platform that should not be ignored by brands planning their marketing strategies. Luckily, TechWyse has curated some practical tips for smooth and effective LinkedIn marketing:

  • It is essential to focus on an effective lead generation process. It would be best to mention whether you are here to create brand awareness, generate quality leads, or reinforce brand credibility.
  • Make sure to optimize your posts as well as possible, as LinkedIn ranks posts based on parameters such as personal connections, probability of interactions, and the relevancy of interest.
  • It is vital to post regularly and at the correct times (according to best practices).
  • Live videos get a lot of engagement, so it's preferred that you go live frequently.
  • Make use of the platform's ad campaign tools to promote your brands.
  • You can increase your profile visits using LinkedIn plugins like Share.
  • Use automation tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to share your content more easily and expand your reach.

We recommend you read this entire blog to know how to launch your business on LinkedIn. Please contact us if you need any help regarding LinkedIn marketing.

Let’s wrap up:

Today we saw the new features on LinkedIn that will help you with lead generation and employee engagement. Next, we saw the latest features that will protect your data while browsing on Firefox. We are now updated with six trends on Twitter, and also learned how to optimize our content according to these trends. Then, we saw Facebook supporting SMBs with their ad campaigns, and finally, we learnt how to market effectively on LinkedIn.

We will see you next week! Until then, stay updated with our blogs on internet marketing.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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