This Week: Keyword Rankings, Voice Search, Email Marketing, and Instagram Reach

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This week we are back with more internet marketing news! Today, let us look at the seven myths that could potentially limit your Google keyword rankings, nine voice search stats from 2019, an SEO guide to HTTP status codes, managing your email list in 2020, and how to reach more users in 2020 on Instagram!

7 SEO Myths That Could Limit Your Google Keyword Rankings

We all know that myths and misconceptions are abound in the digital marketing world. Although we might find some truths buried in these misunderstandings, it is always better to understand the nuances. If you can focus on your user and play fair with search engines, then why worry of being kicked off Google? If you are in the trenches of SEO, spend time to match your content with keywords that can support your goals. So, what SEO myths do you think causes too much grief? Or what SEO misconceptions do you come across?

seo myths

Read the article to discover the seven SEO myths that can affect your Google keyword rankings!

Nine Voice Search Stats to Close Out 2019

Artificial intelligence, voice and virtual assistant have played a significant role in the way we interact with smart devices. Although voice has not yet lived up to its promise, it's quite clear that it has the potential to be an enduring feature of the digital user experience across an expanding array of connected devices. Though voice search and voice commands are not much utilized, what might be called the "voice habit" has been established. Consumers will increase the use of voice to control their smart devices in their homes and functions in their cars. This is because the technology is good and is only getting better with time.

Voice search optimization

You can see from the stats provided in the article and understand the trend of voice search as we approach the end of this year!

An SEO Guide to HTTP Status Codes

Determining the hypertext protocol status codes that exist on a website is one of the essential assessments in any SEO audit. These codes can usually become pretty complicated, often turning into a hard puzzle that needs to be solved before other tasks can be completed. If you are someone working on an audit, other status codes can be a mystery, and further digging may be required. These codes are segmented into different types!

SEO guide to HTTP status

Read the article to understand the different HTTP status codes that are useful for your SEO.

A Geek’s Guide to Managing Your Email List in 2020

Emails have been a traditional medium of outreach for many marketers. Although there is a rapid increase in technological innovations for modern business and everyday life, email continues to thrive as an essential method of communication. Are you wondering what email marketers are really thinking about as we step into the next decade?

email list

The article comprises of a few email marketing advice provided by some of the email geeks on Twitter.

Instagram Reach: How to Reach More Users in 2020 (9 Killer Strategies)

We are all aware that Instagram is the fastest growing social network on the planet, holding the highest engagement rate and helping many brands thrive across the globe. Having just an Instagram profile for your brand isn't enough. You need to analyze, optimize and grow your audience. You can attain this by posting regularly. Having an Instagram Business Account is crucial as you will need one to monitor your progress.

Instagram marketing

Once you have your business account set, follow the article to discover some killer strategies you can implement to increase your brand's reach on Instagram in 2020!

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