This Week: Instagram, Google, YouTube, and More!

This Week: Instagram, Google, YouTube, and More!

Happy Tuesday!

We are back again with the top 5 updates that happened this week in internet marketing.

From our experience working with many brands, we know that staying updated on digital marketing news is a key part of an effective marketing plan. On this note, read on to see what we have for you this week!

Instagram Provides Tips on How Brands Can Utilize UGC [Infographic]


User-generated content (UGC) is a great way to improve a brand's visibility and engagement. Social Media Today has created an infographic on Instagram's recent video post which explains how brands can use UGC to maximize their engagement.

The three main recommendations given in the infographic are:

  • Creating a specific hashtag for your brand and inspiring users to use it when sharing content
  • Sharing your community's content on your feed and stories (and tagging them)
  • Creating content that your audience will love and want to share on their feeds and Stories.

Google Rolls Out New Insights Into Rising Consumption Trends Within Google Ads


With many changes in consumer shopping behaviour due to COVID-19, Google Ads has added some emerging trends insights on its platform (based on Google search activity) to help marketers get an idea of what is on trend, what is being searched for, and what product or services are high in demand.

Brands can use keywords to focus on trending search words and plan their campaigns accordingly. Google is also adding a new process that will automatically employ optimization recommendations to Ad campaigns based on emerging trends and behaviours.

How to Create, Optimize, & Monetize YouTube Shorts


YouTube Shorts, the platform's new short form video feature, has apparently been quite popular since its launch in the US on March 18th. Just like with any new feature, it might be a good idea for brands to get in early and learn how to use and monetize Shorts.

This article discusses how YouTube Shorts can be optimized for maximum audience exposure and engagement, and  that they can also be monetized with ads. Click the link above for more information.

7 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Engagement


Are your Facebook posts not getting enough likes, shares, and comments? Do you want more?

If yes, then the blog post linked above is perfect for you. Having a good engagement rate on social media is very important because it shows the Facebook algorithm that your content is of value, and will therefore be shown to more people across the platform.

This blog by Social Media Examiner offers some practical tips to deal with audience engagement issues, including: using engagement prompts (i.e. asking questions that will encourage your audience to comment), and going Live. Click the link above to learn more!

The Pros and Cons of Stories on Every Social Media Platform


Stories have become one of the most popular features on social media, and, when used effectively, can help improve engagement and brand awareness. TechWyse has analyzed the pros and cons of each Stories features on the top social media platforms. This article serves as an excellent guide to plan which platform you should use to create and market your brand.

If you require any help with planning your social media strategy, TechWyse offers a range of social media services that will suit the needs of your business.

Wrapping Up!

Today we saw how brands can effectively use user-generated content to get brand exposure, the new Google Ads insights that will help advertisers understand what audiences are searching for, and how to monetize YouTube Shorts. We also learned some tips to improve engagement on Facebook, as well as the pros and cons of Stories on various social media platforms.

We hope you enjoyed reading these updates, and we will see you next week! Until then, please stay up to date with our blogs on internet marketing.

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