This Week: Instagram, Google, YouTube, And More!

This Week: Instagram, Google, YouTube, And More!

Happy Tuesday!

Internet marketing is essential not just because it helps grow your business, but also because it can transform the way your company is viewed by potential customers.

We’re back with the latest news and updates from internet marketing to help you and your business stay on top of the world of marketing.

Let’s dive in!

1. Instagram is Making it Possible to Search by Keyword

Instagram is enhancing its search functionality by allowing users to discover content by keywords for the first time. Until now, users could hunt for content by hashtags, location tags, profile names and usernames.

There’s a lot left to be learned about Instagram’s latest search functionality, but we will summarize the information made accessible so far. With this update, users can now explore for posts using keywords that may be used in photo & video captions.

It’s understood that Instagram will utilize captions to surface posts for keyword searches. However, the most interesting feature of this new update, at least for search enthusiasts and marketers, is the potential for Instagram SEO.

Previously, the only means to optimize Instagram posts was to incorporate proper hashtags and possibly a location tag (if relevant).

Now there’s a completely new algorithm for brands and marketers to follow and optimize for. As a result, for the first time we can have conversations about Instagram ranking factors.

2. Google’s new Small Business Advisors program aims to help SMBs grow

Google has beta-launched a plan for small businesses (SMBs) to become more skilled marketers on Google. Termed Small Business Advisors (SBA), the course offers 50-minute individualized consulting sessions on a series of products from Google My Business to Google Ads, and Google Analytics to YouTube.

The program is available to small businesses and firms in the United States with an ongoing Google account. Big companies, as well as marketing and SEO agencies, are not qualified to participate.  The term "small business" doesn't seem to be defined, so apparently companies with up to 100 - 499 employees will be eligible to join the program.

Google SBA is designed to serve business owners to become more skilled in the management of Google products. Google advisors will do a pre-appointment study to get prepared and gain the most of your 50-minute appointment.

Google's local support or help team has historically been scrutinized for low quality. This program embodies a notable possible development for SMBs, who are often provided false or self-serving marketing knowledge by third parties trying to market their products. However, the program's significance will eventually depend on the quality and level of expertise of the advisors themselves, and it will fail or win on that basis.

3. YouTube Launches Audio Ads to Reach Users Tuning in via Audio Only

With several users tuning into audio content through YouTube Music and YouTube, the platform is now supplementing a unique plan to reach these users, with audio ads designed explicitly for non-video consumption.

The addition makes sense: YouTube Music, for instance, increased from 8 million active users in 2017 to a further 77 million active users by the end of 2019. That audience has grown even further during the pandemic. With users also looking to tune into talks, discussions and more in audio-only mode, rendering a podcast-style advertisement option, employing YouTube's subsisting ad targeting could benefit brands that unite with more enthusiastic audiences.

4. Facebook just launched a new app named where users can create 'personalized spaces' that look like Tumblr pages

Facebook's innovative software team is back with another new app:, which it calls a "digital zine creator."

In use, the app allows users to build shareable websites that resemble a blend between a high school locker circa 1995 and a Tumblr page circa 2015 — something Facebook details as "free-form mixed media collages."

These collages are next provided shareable URLs, just like regular websites. They are meant to "build a low-pressure space for the raw and mismatched things" that the initial days of the internet incorporated. is free and accessible now on Apple's iPhone and iPad. also arrives at a time when Facebook has witnessed a drop in users — especially among Gen Z according to Edison Research — and Facebook-owned Instagram is more frequently concentrating attention on its in-app purchasing features, which is apparent by a redesign of the home screen.

With its new app, Facebook expects the type of user activity that managed to be universal in its products: Expression and creativity.

5. Digital Marketing 101: 4 Ways to Build Credibility & Authority With Blogs

Many company owners have already been suggested time and time again to create blog posts for their website. Yes, this can seem like a time-consuming and tiresome task. Many even grieve that their time and energy would be wasted if barely anyone truly ends up reading the blogs, or they question how this exercise renders into business transactions. However, blog posts inject worthy and appropriate keywords onto your website to help its SEO execution, and give you a measured outlet to display your expertise in your business domain. They also position you and your brand as an industry thought leader; this is why blogs are often termed “authority blogs.”

Through this blog from Techwyse, let’s investigate how creating a business blog can improve your brand to stabilize credibility and authority.

Wrapping up

Avoiding internet marketing is not going to help your business. Why not give it a solid try and experience the rewards?

In this blog, we discussed how Instagram is enhancing its search functionality and allowing users to discover content by keywords for the first time. Next, we saw how Google is launching a plan for small businesses (SMBs) to become more skilled marketers on Google - Small Business Advisors (SBA).

We also discussed how YouTube Music and YouTube are now adding a unique plan to reach their users, with audio ads designed explicitly for non-video consumption. Further, we saw Facebook's new app:, which they call a "digital zine creator", and how this app allows users to build shareable websites. Finally, we discussed ways a business blog can help stabilize credibility and authority for your website.

We hope you enjoyed reading the latest internet marketing updates. To get more updates and headlines from the world of internet marketing, keep an eye out for our latest blogs!


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