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This Week In Internet Marketing

Happy Tuesday!

With more users (and companies) researching and buying products online, Internet marketing is more important than ever. Understanding the power of Internet marketing can help you grow your business in many new and innovative ways.

Here we have compiled some of the latest internet marketing news from this week. From breaking headlines to analyzing emerging trends, we will help if you need to make a digital marketing plan for your business now or in the coming year.

Instagram Is Testing a new FAQ Option for Direct Interactions with Business Accounts

Instagram is experimenting with a new FAQ option for business accounts that would give brands the ability to present quick, clickable Q&A options within their Direct feed when clients message them.

The option would allow brands to highlight popular inquiries in their message window, which the audience can tap on to receive quick answers.

At this stage, it appears that brands can incubate up to four questions that will be presented in their opening message communication, providing brands with an easy, automated way to mark the most common queries.

Given that Facebook intends to combine all of its messaging functionalities, it makes sense that the same is also being added to Instagram. With Instagram leading more into eCommerce, it could help address common queries around shipping and returns, among many other topics.

There’s no report on a full rollout at this stage, and this feature still appears to be in early testing. It offers a practical option to consider uniting with your Instagram audience while also reducing the response load from your side.

How to Create Google My Business Posts That Get Results

Having a Google My Business (GMB) profile is one of the most reliable means to receive traffic for your local business and improve your rankings.

With so many specialties, using GMB can become overwhelming. However, one feature worth practicing is Google My Business Posts. Posts provide you with the ability to promote your brand, products, services, offers and events.

GMB posts are arranged at the bottom of your Google My Business Knowledge Panel and are an excellent method to show off everything your business has to give.

Planning posts is relatively easy to do, but you must be familiar with Google My Business Posts content policy before you create posts.

If you break GMB posts policies, your post will be denied, and you won’t be capable of publishing it as-is. This article by Search Engine Journal will help you create a GMB post and discuss the types of posts you can create, as well as their benefits.

Building Google My Business Posts is something every local business should endeavour to do regularly.

Google Launches a New Conversational Search Experience

Google is adopting newer language recognition models to leverage conversational context for certain search features.

Google shared some details about search features it has launched this year that allow Google to better predict exactly what someone is searching for, and provide them suggestions for them that are more in line with what they actually want to see.

Google structured this announcement around Thanksgiving, which is very timely, but these innovations have emerged slowly over the past year.

Google announced: “before adding these highlights, if you had searched for “how to make a napkin fan,” Google might have assisted you in finding further information by presenting you related queries like “How to make a cone napkin?” But now, Google “can source even more important questions in the “People also ask” segment, like “How do you set a turkey with a cloth napkin?” Now, after searching for turkey ingredients, your enhanced search results can assist you in finding more related follow-ups faster and up-level your Thanksgiving tablescape.”

While some of the highlights are not 100% new, what may be newer is that these features rely on approximately new language understanding models (maybe like BERT), mainly to leverage conversational context.

6 Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs Content Marketing

More and more marketers depend on content marketing due to its capacity to produce results. According to Hubspot, 77% of companies state they have a content marketing plan. Content marketing is crucial for building your brand presence and giving value to your clients. It also assists you in setting priorities and structure within your marketing strategy.

Creating consistent, engaging, and high-quality content that resonates with your readers can influence their decision-making more than any other means. Clients demand consistency in the brands they trust, and content can serve your business, establish credibility, and restore your reputation.

Some content marketing benefits are:

  1. Reaching a more widespread audience
  2. Giving value to your target audience
  3. Supporting your brand to stay relevant
  4. Improving search engine rankings
  5. Creating and sustaining leads
  6. High ROI

Our team of content marketers and SEO experts at TechWyse create innovative content marketing plans to satisfy your marketing goals.

Instagram is Letting Advertisers Create Posts With Customers’ Accounts

Instagram is providing advertisers with the ability to publish sponsored posts from users’ accounts as a replacement for branded content adverts.

Branded content ads were launched as a way for users to know when influencers’ posts are sponsored. The adverts were created to be comparable to organic posts published from the influencer’s account, only they have a tag reading “Paid partnership with [brand name].”

However, the creation of these ads required a lot of coordination between the influencer and the brand, as the content had to be submitted for approval by the brand, and then posted by the influencer as an organic post on his or her profile.

Now, Instagram aims to streamline the process on either side by forgoing the need for influencers to produce content to be submitted first, and will allow brands to create and post content directly to influencers’ profiles, with the user’s permission of course.

Instagram announced that “businesses [now] have increased flexibility with fewer restrictions after they are required to run Branded Content material adverts.”

Wrapping Up!

Those were the new features and updates that can help you develop your marketing knowledge.

We now know that Instagram is experimenting with a new FAQ option for business accounts, which would furnish brands the capacity to present quick, clickable Q and A options. We then discussed how possessing a Google My Business (GMB) profile is one of the most reliable means to drive traffic to your business and improve your rankings.

We discussed Google adopting a newer language recognition model specifically to leverage conversational context for certain search features. Then we discussed why more and more marketers depend on content marketing due to its capacity to produce results. And finally, Instagram is now providing advertisers with the ability to publish sponsored posts from influencers’ accounts.

Want to learn more updates on the world of digital marketing and expand your knowledge? Take the time to check out our latest blogs, and stay safe!


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