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Happy Tuesday!

We have compiled five of the most important updates from this week of internet marketing to help you stay updated. Read on to learn more!

Instagram Tests New Comment 'Limits' to Help Reduce the Impact of Targeted Abuse by Groups

In response to the many influencers using Instagram to promote products who have come across groups of users posting unwanted comments and messages on their profiles, Instagram is rolling out a new option to combat on-platform abuse. This new feature will focus on limiting actions from groups of users as opposed to muting or restricting individual profiles.

Instagram says that it will recommend groups of accounts, based on their activity, that you can choose to limit. This will effectively hide any activity from these users, unless you manually opt to view their content. Instagram added a 'Restrict' option back in 2019, which similarly enabled users to limit comments of several users by hiding them from the view. This new option aims to restrict groups of people rallying to target an individual.

To learn more about this new option, read the article linked above!

Microsoft Advertising Announces New Multimedia Ads for Search

Microsoft Advertising has announced a new responsive ad format called "multimedia ads." These ads will combine advertisers' images, headlines, and descriptions using machine learning to generate creative, engaging, and attention-grabbing ads.

These ads have been available to users across the globe since last Friday. They are delivered on search pages and get featured in the mainline at the top of the SERP, or on the right rail. The limit is one multimedia ad per page, which means one advertiser can post a multi-media ad at a time.

If you want to see how these ads look, and learn how to get started with them, read the complete article linked above!

Facebook Launches New 'Creative Guidance Navigator' to Provide Marketing Stats and Tips

This week, Facebook launched its 'Creative Guidance Navigator', a mini-site of various ad tips and notes that could help improve your ad creation. The site consists of many examples of great ad copy with a 'Load more' prompt at the bottom to generate more significant examples.

You can apply filters to the display based on ad format, region, niche, and more to get more specific creative notes of relevance to your brand. These are valuable resources if you are using Facebook ads, are or considering starting a campaign.

Access Facebook's Creative Guidance Navigator mini-site here.

Snapchat Public Profiles: What Marketers Need to Know

Are you using a Snapchat public profile for your business?

Snapchat introduced public profiles in mid-2020, but only verified creators were allowed to access the feature until recently. As of June 2021, all users can create public profiles and leverage the promotions they offer.

A Snapchat public profile is your business's home on Snapchat. Snapchatters will find it through search, on the Discovery tab, paid ads, or via lenses. They will be able to access it directly from a snapcode or shareable URL. To learn how to set up a Snapchat public profile and see how brands are already using it to reach new users, read the entire article linked above.

Amazon SEO Strategy 101: Tips to Create a Lightning Deal That Increases Overall Search Ranking

Do you want to get your products on top of Amazon's promotions? Using some nifty search engine optimization strategies, you reach the top of Amazon's promotions and convert all the attention you earned into purchases.

Don't let your discounts, packages, and bundles go to waste. This article on TechWyse's blog will help guide you through the Amazon process using lightning deals that can improve the overall search rankings of your products.

Read the entire article linked above to learn more!


Today we came across various updates about internet marketing, starting with Instagram's move to reduce the impact of targeted abuse by groups. Then we moved on to see Microsoft advertising announcing their new multimedia ads for Search.

Next, we saw Facebook's new 'creative guidance navigator' that will provide marketing stats and tips. Then we looked at an article telling us everything we need to know about Snapchat public profiles for businesses. Finally, we saw tips to create lightning deals on Amazon using SEO strategies.

We will be back next week with more updates for businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in digital marketing. In the meantime, check out our available blogs on internet marketing!


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