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Happy Tuesday!

We're back with more updates from the world of internet marketing to help SMBs and marketers to stay on top of the game!

This week, we'll see some essential updates happening in marketing. First, we'll start with how we can effectively market on Pinterest. Then, we'll see a few essential tips for SMBs after the crisis. After, we'll also take a look at the top reasons you should advertise on Facebook.

As well, we'll look at the importance of reputation management from one of our Digital Marketing: 101 series. Finally, we will go through an article that will tell us why SMBs have the social media marketing edge!

Let's dive in!

Pinterest Shares New Guide to Effective Pin Marketing in 2020

Pinterest Marketing in 2020: What It Is & How to Do It

The article linked above is about a guide that Pinterest shared to help marketers take full advantage of their platform. 

This week Pinterest published its 2020 advertising guide, which includes overviews and insights on all aspects of the platform. You can download the full, 46-page guide here, and it's definitely worth doing so, but here's a look at some key points to note.

Pinterest starts off the guide by taking themselves away from the idea of being a "social media" app.

"People come to Pinterest to plan for what could happen, not scroll through pictures of what already did. And that future-focused mindset is exactly what makes Pinterest so valuable as an advertising platform. People on Pinterest are ready to take action."

Then the guide goes on to explain how the people on the platform are looking for new possibilities. The guide covers a range of key stats and insights on who's using the platform, including statistical breakdowns by region. It also provides a comprehensive note on how to reach them.

To learn more about how the guide can help SMBs market better on the platform, click here

8 Actionable Takeaways for Small Businesses to Implement After a Crisis

Tips for Businesses Reopening in the Wake of COVID-19 -

Businesses around the world will have to adapt as everything gets back to normal. Build a future-proof business that can withstand any crisis in the future. You will have to adapt to new strategies and procedures. You must be able to understand the new customer behaviour and plan your strategy accordingly and bring in new updates to your social media channels and Google My Business.

Instead of offering discounts, give your customers something of value in the current situation. Try to make your products more valuable by making it more of an investment rather than a purchase to your customers. Try to go beyond voice calls and text messages by adding video to the mix. 

Read the article to discover 8 actionable steps every company needs to cross off their checklist once they are back in business.

Top 5 Reasons to Advertise on Facebook

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Advertise on Facebook | FreewaySocial

There are plenty of reasons to advertise on Facebook, and this article will provide you with 5 top reasons to advertise on the platform.

Facebook is considered to be one of the top advertising channels online. From the data provided in the article, we can observe a steady increase in advertising revenue year over year because Facebook ads are working. 

We can see that setting up a Facebook campaign takes very less time and yields excellent results for your business. Digital advertising can generate great ROI with the right campaign, and that's why we see Facebook ads for small local businesses and large corporations.

To explore all the 5 reasons, you can go through the article here!

Digital Marketing 101: The Importance of Reputation Management

Online reputation management

It's our basic human nature to look for online reviews before we plan to buy anything. In fact, it's been reported that 93% of customers use reviews to assess the quality of local businesses, and 95% of shoppers read them before making a purchase.

Online reputations are very important if you are trying to sell your products. The better your online reputation, the more customers will likely choose your products or services over your competitors. This applies to all businesses- big and small, to engage in effective digital reputation management.

Regardless of the industry that you're in, if done properly, a strong reputation management strategy can drive leads, attract new customers, and retain existing ones. Read the article to understand the importance of reputation management and how to manage your online reviews.

Why SMBs have the Social Media Marketing Edge

social media marketing for SMBs

Do you feel that maintaining a social media account for small- and medium-sized businesses is an uphill battle? What you don't realize is that you have the edge over bigger businesses when it comes to social media marketing. Although these big businesses will have a wider reach and deeper pockets, those factors won't necessarily dictate the effectiveness of their social media marketing efforts.

As a small or medium-sized business, your reach may not be as big as theirs, but you have a higher chance of impacting individual people. Try to focus on building a great social media plan and pinpoint your business' objectives and goals for your social media efforts. Spend time studying your competitors and decide what your social media voice should be based on your brand.

Read on in the article to see all the advantages SMBs have over big businesses when it comes to social media marketing!


So far, we came across various features and the latest updates that can help you improve your marketing knowledge. From Pinterest sharing their new guide for marketers to some essential tips for small businesses as we return to normal, there's a lot of new information in the world of marketing. As well, we saw the top 5 reasons to advertise on Facebook. We also came across an article explaining the importance of reputation management.

Finally, we looked at why SMBs have a social media marketing edge.
Want to learn more updates on the world of digital marketing and expand your knowledge? Take the time to check out our latest blogs and stay safe!

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