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We're back with the latest internet marketing news and updates from this week. If you're looking to improve their online business during this quarantine, these updates are for you! First, we'll take a look at Facebook launching its ad testing tools and new features for video. Secondly, we'll see how Google is coming up with new COVID-19 and telehealth GMB links for healthcare providers. As well, Google is highlighting the importance of SEO with a series of blog posts. We'll look at how Pinterest is getting more users to engage on their shopping platform compared to last year. Finally, LinkedIn events are helping industries who had to plan their cancelled events due to COVID-19.

Let's dive in!

Facebook Launches Ad Testing Tools and New Features for Video

Facebook Launches Ad Testing Tools

The article linked is based on this week's Social Media Marketing Talk Show, where it explores Facebook's new tool for testing ad campaigns and the latest updates to video and live-streaming features. The show has special guests Allie Bloyd and Ian Anderson Gray.

Facebook has rolled out a new experiment section in Ads Manager. This update allows marketers to A/B test and measure conversions by combining the results of multiple types of ad campaigns all in one place. 

Facebook has launched the experimental tool to help marketers optimize ad performance and give them a deeper understanding of the impact their ads are making. This will allow marketers to make better decisions when it comes to making business decisions. Advertisers can find out more about this new product in Facebook's Help Center.

To learn more about Facebook's updates, click here!

Google Introduces New COVID-19 and Telehealth GMB Links for Healthcare Providers

Google has been working on pushing out several updates to help people cope with the current pandemic. They've been consistently rolling out COVID-19 updates and advice to help local businesses. In a recent update specifically for health and medical professionals, the company introduced two new links in the Google My Business (GMB) dashboard. This was first discovered by Erica Paige and picked up by Mike Blumenthal.

Google is releasing several best practices guides for healthcare providers. This is to help them make their information on COVID-19 more accessible to the public through Google search. The company now even has a technical support group for health organizations! 

Google Launches a Series of Blog Posts Highlighting the Value of SEO

Google Launches a Series of Blog Posts

Google has published a series of blog posts dedicated to SEO case studies. The aim of this is to make people understand better the importance and value of SEO. This is what Google said about publishing the case studies:

"We want people to hear about these success stories, so we're starting a new blog post series that features case studies. They may, for example, help with convincing a boss' boss that investing in SEO or implementing structured data can be good for the business."

Google's first blog post in the series focuses on the basics of investing in SEO and how its utilization can help a company. The case studies are written by many successful people who reaped significant benefits from investing in SEO. 

To understand what more of what each of them had to say in their respective case studies, read the entire article here.

Pinterest Boosts Ability to 'Shop' for In-Stock Home Decor and Fashion Products

Pinterest Shops

Pinterest recently rolled out a few commerce marketing updates for the app on Tuesday, designed to make product discovery easier. The company says more users are engaged with shopping on Pinterest and that the traffic of retailers has doubled compared to last year.

So, what is the whole new "Shop" tab all about?

The new "Shop" tab will appear on the "Search" and "Boards" tabs to help users find in-stock products from retailers. The feature will show the price of the product and brand filters. The shop tab on boards will portray products inspired by the pins users have saved to their various boards on Pinterest.

You can find similar products easily with Pinterest's visual search functionality. 

Digital commerce features have been a crucial part of Pinterest's roadmap. The company said the number of shoppable Product Pins has increased by 2.5x since last year and that traffic to retailers has risen by 2.3X in the same period. On top of all that, the app is also witnessing a higher engagement rate. 

LinkedIn Events is Now Available to All Pages to Assist with Connectivity Amid the COVID-19 Lockdowns

LinkedIn Events is Now Available to All Pages

LinkedIn is a platform for professionals and offers LinkedIn Events for those in the workforce. With so many industry events being cancelled amid COVID-19 lockdowns, this is a helpful tool for those looking for another way to connect and promote replacement meet-ups, live-streams, or webinars to their brand followers.

LinkedIn has made its Event option available for all company pages as part of its efforts to assist them during this time. Although it was launched in October last year, it was only available to select company pages. However, now it's going to be more broadly available sooner to help cater to everything happening with the COVID-19 impacts. As of now, you can access Events on any LinkedIn company page.

To learn more about creating your own event, click here!

Wrapping Up!

There are so many updates coming up to help internet marketers across the globe during this time of global quarantine. We saw Facebook and their Ad testing tools and features for videos. Google is making efforts to back healthcare providers by introducing new COVID-19 and telehealth GMB links. As well, they're informing people of the value of SEO with a series of case studies on their blog. 

Additionally, we have seen how Pinterest is seeing a traffic boost after they rolled out several commerce marketing updates for the app. Finally, LinkedIn events being open to all companies to make their cancelled industry events happen!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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