This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 06 23

This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 06 23

Hello to another This Week in Internet Marketing! This week, we're looking at how your business can use video content to generate leads and why you need to humanize your business. We'll also be taking a look at why people enjoy liking, commenting, and sharing on Facebook, online marketing tactics for B2B businesses, and Google Trend's latest update.

How To Use Video Content To Generate, Qualify And Score Leads


According to YouTube, 300 hours of videos are uploaded to their platform every minute. With over 1 billion users, over 6 billion hours are watched every month! In addition to its entertaining nature, videos offer great opportunities for your business to engage consumers and generate leads. They allow you to collect valuable information on your viewers through in video CTAs, email gates, and more. In fact, YouTube analytics provides insights about your viewers, such as demographics, traffic source, playback locations, and more. Take a look at this article to see how you can use videos to generate and score leads.

Why Do You Need to Humanize Your Business? – Here’s Why with Mark & Eric

why you need to humanize brand hw

Remember when pizza chains, like Domino's and Pizza Hut, began including apps that showed the cooking process of your pizza, who was making it for you, and it's delivery progress? It was a creative way to provide users with a real-time understanding of what's happening with their pizza. In fact, these added information about a company and their employees give consumers an opportunity to connect with them at a more personal level. Check out this video to see how emotions and empathy can help humanize your business.

Why We Like, Comment, and Share on Facebook

Why we like share comment on facebook

Facebook is either bookmarked on your browser or one of the most frequent websites you go to when you're browsing the Internet. On a daily basis, Facebook users like, comment, and share different content on their news feed. It's a great way to stay connected with friends, families, favourite brands, and celebrities. So, what makes Facebook such a popular social media platform for us to stay engaged? Take a look at this article to understand what motivates people to use Facebook.

10 Winning Tactics for Marketing Online to Other Businesses


According to HubSpot, B2B businesses often struggle with awareness, traffic, and lead generation for their website. Blogs and high-quality content have become a popular way for businesses to drive more traffic. However, there are many effective online marketing tactics that can help B2B businesses get noticed, including Twitter advertisements, sponsored updates on LinkedIn, banner ads, and video advertisements. Some of these social media platforms even allow for focused targeting, which enables businesses to strategically target individuals. Check out this article see how you can market online to other businesses.

Google Trends Now Tracking YouTube & Google News To Identify Trending Topics In Real-Time


Since Google Trends' biggest update in 2012, Google Trends recently announced numerous new updates. Now, users can find real-time data through their integration of YouTube and Google News data to determine topics that are trending on the Internet. In addition, users will be able to see where and what is trending in a specific time frame. They've also launched a new "story" homepage that will focus on displaying topics that are currently ranking. This will provide users with deeper insights and curated data sets. Take a look at this article to find out everything about the new Google Trends update.

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