This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 06 28

Internet Marketing News

Another week has gone by and it’s time to bring everyone up to speed  on what’s been happening in Internet Marketing!  Here at TechWyse much of our own focus has gone into Google Local search results, Social Media and eCommerce.  I’ll touch more on these over the next couple weeks but in the meantime, here is your…

Internet Marketing News 2010 06 28

Driving Quality Links To Your Website

Internet Marketing NewsGoogle has put out a great blog post all about external links.  As we well know, building a network of good quality links to a website can be extremely helpful for your search engine optimization, provided they are clean, relevant links.  While this is something we’ve been using and talking about for years, it’s always nice to hear a little reassurance from the leader in search!

Learn How To Manage Your Soft 404 Pages

A '404' or 'Not Found' error message can be incredibly annoying to website visitors and even more annoying to the search engines.  This post is all about how to manage this occurrence with the search engines, particularly Google, to reduce the negative weight that they carry.  While this post does get a little '”techie”, the techniques described can have a huge effect on your SEO!

The Ultimate Guide To A/B Testing

The Ultimate Guide To A/B TestingI have always loved reading Smashing Magazine, but recently they have been knocking it out of the park.  I found this post to be particularly relevant to what we like to focus on here at TechWyse and just had to share it.  The author, Paras Chopra, appears to have not only a keen understanding of how to A/B test, but also an understanding of just how important it is!  Do yourself a favor, read this post!

The Yahoo! Style Guide

Yahoo! recently put out a neat little guide on how to write and style your web content.  It includes tips on things like content writing and search engine optimization for webmasters to sink their teeth into.  While I haven’t yet seen anything that hasn’t been said a million times before, it’s always nice to have it all in one easy to read place!

More Internet Marketing News

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    Nice list of articles here, Chris. I loved the A/B testing and the Yahoo! Guide very much. And, its nice to note how much dedication your staff member has taken to write out that beautiful article on 404. Great stuff. I am waiting for more info from you on Ecommerce, Google Local and the Social media 🙂

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    Chris, Its wonderul to read and understand more about the A/B testing. Hope the Google Website Optimizer and A/B Testing will be gaining momentum in the times to come. It will be crucial for the Ecommerce websites, as it drives more sales for the site. Ultimately playing judiciously with the  A/B testing will generate more conversions and revenue for the ecommerce sites.

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