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This Week In Internet Marketing

Happy Tuesday!

During this pandemic-induced 2020 holiday season, the Internet Marketing industry can help businesses and marketing agencies manage better by developing their online strategies or increasing search ad spending.

We have compiled some of the freshest internet marketing news from this week. From the benefits of working with Google Premier Partner breaking headlines to creating meaningful engagements on LinkedIn, we will help you create a digital marketing strategy for your business for now or the upcoming year.

1. The 2020 holiday season is here: Get your digital house in order

The 2020 holiday shopping season is entirely different from its previous years. Let's take a closer look.

Digital Shoppers: Retailers should make sure that websites and Google My Business (GMB) listings are findable online. Use the function 'Posts' for advertising holiday specials, deals, and any specific virtual events. Make sure that click-to-website functionality is excellent. Accessibility to finding your website and consistency of information should be perfect.

Store Shoppers: People now go to stores only under certain conditions. As a result, shoppers will prefer stores that offer contactless shopping or in-store or curbside pickup.  Ensure to have more online location-based offers. Apps like google Posts and maps can be instrumental in attracting shoppers.

Shoppers to be given more care: when shoppers visit a store, they'll be aware of putting their health and safety at risk. Retailers should be sensitive to shoppers online, and be ready to handle a spike in inquiry messages on your Facebook, Google My Business, as well as your website, being mindful of the tone you employ.

Shipping Shoppers: Shoppers will be buying gifts for their loved ones as they practice social distancing, and they are likely to ship gifts far and wide. Making visible delivery options is the best way for people to find you online, beginning with your website and GMB listings.

2. Search Ad Spending is Growing in 2020 Despite Pandemic

Search-ad spending estimates growth of 5.9% in 2020, according to a forecast from eMarketer, which is against their earlier forecast due to the travel industry coming to a halt. As the year goes on, search-ad spend is picking up.

The pace of consumer e-commerce spending is steadier than anticipated. Retail sales are shifting to digital, which is driving more search advertising by digital marketers. This is not a temporary shift, and e-Marketer describes the changes as “far-reaching.” Although search-ad spending is growing at a slower pace than what was predicted pre-pandemic, it is still growing.

Mobile search ads primarily drive the growth. According to eMarketer, desktop search spending will more likely be flat this year. Lack of growth in desktop search-ad spending results from a decline in pricey searches for travel services due to the pandemic.

Despite this, some categories like packaged goods are holding up well, and are more inclined to be searched and bought on mobile devices. As far as this year goes, the growth estimates are in line with the numbers in Google’s earning reports. Google reported better-than-expected earnings and moderately strong spending by e-Commerce advertisers.

It further notes that consumer queries are trending in a more commercial direction. Reports recommend better years are ahead for PPC marketers, particularly those who lead ad campaigns for consumer packaged goods.

3. How to Create Meaningful Engagement on LinkedIn: 3 Tips

Creating deeper relationships and encouraging purposeful conversations with people on LinkedIn is possible and straightforward by following the tips mentioned below.

Create Conversational Connection Requests

If you want to connect with someone on LinkedIn with no prior meeting or conversation, it can be helpful to follow them first as it allows you to see their posts and articles without being connected to them. Following them helps gather insights about a person and their business, so you have something familiar when approaching them. An invitation with a positive comment and shared interest will grab their attention and make a great first impression.

Include Questions to Incite Conversation

After the initial connection on LinkedIn, the conversation might stop for various reasons. Therefore, it’s essential to show up consistently by appearing in the LinkedIn feed with content. The best alternative would be to post content about your line of work or the world around you. Professionals desire to keep them updated and explore alternative perspectives, so let them know what you’re working on, events you’re attending, and share content that you’ve found inspiring.

Sparingly Tag Key People or Businesses to Ask for Their Insight

When you post content, you can '@' mention people and companies within the text and tag people on images. When you tag someone, that person will get email and app notifications. Tagging key people in your LinkedIn content helps draw attention and get people associated with your posts. Tag people who are likely to have a genuine interest in joining the conversation, and if that person comments, you can then continue the conversation or take it to a private message.

4. Facebook Shares New Insights into the Impacts of COVID-19 on SMBs

There is no telling how long the impacts of COVID-19 will last and how it will continue to affect businesses, given the pandemic's current state. Within this context,  it's interesting to glance at Facebook's latest State of Small Business Report, which provides insight into how SMB's are being affected by the pandemic and how they change over time.

The latest update of Facebook's State of Small Business report traces the data from a range of SMB's worldwide throughout 2020, and estimates how business conditions are faring in these challenging circumstances. Facebook data on closure rates shows that many businesses are being shut down due to the pandemic.

Many countries are now back into strict lockdowns, which will impact consumer spending. The complete impact of the pandemic is not predictable, especially with more and more businesses over time having to reassess their financial capability. Most regions report regular implications for sales overall, but they're not worsening for the most part.

The latest lockdowns will have an impact on businesses, but countered with increased spending for Christmas, more of them will hold on. With the vaccine and the next stage of moving beyond the pandemic, the numbers show incremental impacts will continue. Once Christmas is over we're likely to see even more impacts as businesses assess whether they can hold out.

Hopefully, some positivity will provide hope for SMBs heading into the new year.

5. Why Should You Work With a Google Premier Partner?

If your Google Ads campaigns are not delivering the results you expected, it is better to consider the help of a Google Premier Partner. Google Ads experts know the Google Premier Partner guidelines to maintain excellence, ensuring that you partner with one of the most reliable businesses for pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement.

This blog deals with the Google Partners program and the difference between a Google Partner and Premier Partner and presents you with three reasons for working with a Google Premier Partner. Marketing agencies and businesses that want to establish trust and confidence among their clients use the Google Partners program.

To get a Google Partner badge, businesses need to employ one team member certified in Google Ads, spend at least $10,000 on ads in 90 days, and level Google’s performance conditions.

If businesses wish to be a Google Premier Partner, they need to employ two people certified in Google Ads, reach a higher ad spend (depending on the business and industry) and agree to Google’s performance obligations .TechWyse is proud to be a Google Premier Partner, and we are equipped with the expertise to serve your business better.

If you’re a business looking for professional Internet marketing advice, contact us to speak with an experienced team member. We make setting up and managing your ad campaign easy.

Wrapping Up!

Internet marketing helping businesses brand and market their organizations has evolved. Most importantly, it is continually changing. The methods that used to work no longer do, so new strategies are always developing. Fortunately, it is not costly to try out these methods.

In this blog we discussed how retail marketers should handle their digital platforms during this 2020 holiday season. Further, we saw how the growth of Search-Ad spending during the pandemic and how it has influenced consumer e-commerce.

We also discussed a few tips to create a meaningful first-time engagement with a contact on LinkedIn. Further, we saw Facebook's insight report on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on SMB's and their growth pattern. Finally, we discussed what a Google Premier Partner is and how it benefits your Google Ad Campaigns.

We hope you enjoyed reading the latest internet marketing updates. To get more updates and headlines from the world of internet marketing, keep an eye out for our latest blogs!


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